Fashion Tips: How to Choose the Right Jeans for Women
Fashion Tips: How to Choose the Right Jeans for Women

Jeans are the most comfortable wardrobe item!

Probably jeans have become a cult item in the modern man's wardrobe. Everyone has this garment, and not even one copy. We wear them wherever we go - for work, for a walk, meeting friends, traveling, dating.

Today in stores we see a huge number of different models of jeans, which can make your head spin. But how do you choose the right cut for you?

When choosing the perfect jeans for yourself, you need to take into account several characteristics, each of which can visually emphasize the advantages, or vice versa, focus on the flaws of the figure:

  1. style;
  2. landing;
  3. pockets.


The first in line is the most common and unsafe option - skinny. These jeans will not hide your flaws, but rather highlight them. But if you are still a fan of this model, use an elongated cardigan or blazer.

women's jeans

Straight jeans are the most versatile piece for most body types. However, it is important here that straight jeans do not fit over you. High waist and straight fit go well with heels, sneakers, blouses, T-shirts, hoodies - creating a million combinations in different styles.

women's jeans

Wide leg jeans - this model is perfect for those who want to correct the legs, hips. It is especially important to note that the fit of this model should be high so as not to shorten your legs.

women's jeans

Flared jeans are a very relevant model, suitable for those who want to balance their figure - for those with wide hips.

women's jeans

Culottes - cropped and wide jeans, a very unsafe option, but very stylish. It can shorten the length of the legs, so we wear such jeans with heels, preferably flesh-colored.

women's jeans

Mom jeans are one of the most versatile styles! Fairly loose at the top, and tapering at the bottom of the body. Suitable for most body types. It is a great solution for those who want to correct the volume in the upper body.

women's jeans

Slouchy - trousers of medium or high rise, with a tapered bottom and loose on the top. This model perfectly combines versatility, convenience and freedom. They can correct the tummy, give volume to narrow hips, and hide wide ones on the contrary. However, it is important here to accentuate the waist and expose your delicate ankles for balance.

women's jeans

Boyfriend jeans - trousers with a low fit and an elongated groin area. Combined with cardigans, hoodies, T-shirts, blouses. This model, as in the case of the sloche, must be balanced with open ankles.

women's jeans


After you have decided on the style, you need to understand which fit is better to choose.

Ultra low - this fit distorts the correct proportions of the figure, shortens the legs. Today, this landing is irrelevant.

women's jeans

Low - this fit is relevant, since now the fashion of the 2000s has come to us. However, choose this model very carefully.

women's jeans

Regular - considered the most current fit.

women's jeans

Original - this fit is not only very relevant, but also the most comfortable.

women's jeans

High-wasted - this fit perfectly stretches the silhouette and adds height.

women's jeans


Ironically, this is a detail to look out for when choosing the perfect pair of jeans. Let's start with the size - the pocket should be proportional to the volume of the hips. So, if you are the owner of large hips, then it is better to refuse small pockets, and vice versa.

The distance between the pockets is a good tool for correcting the hip area.So, the wider the distance, the wider the hips will appear.

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The height of the location of the pockets also helps well to correct the problem area of ​​the thighs - the higher the pockets, the higher the buttocks visually appear. However, in this case, we recommend choosing the middle option - slightly above your protruding point of the hips.

Pockets angle - the larger the angle, the larger the pockets will appear.

The shape of the yoke - similar to the previous point, the shape of the yoke with a tick will help to make the shape of the hips more voluminous, and, on the contrary, the flat seam will make the buttocks flat.

In conclusion, I repeat - dear ladies, emphasize your merits!

Remember - We are all beautiful!

Effective shopping!

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