7 pairs of shoes everyone will wear in the spring of 2021
7 pairs of shoes everyone will wear in the spring of 2021

Ahead is the summer season with an abundance of shoes, sandals, sandals and flip flops. And what to wear now, in the offseason?

This season, the brands' arsenal includes a variety of ankle boots and rough boots, shoes with perforations, a metal cape and a square toe, as well as lacquered models and all kinds of shades of pink.

So, let's take a closer look.

Rough boots

Everything is also relevant and has long become the basis for the offseason. This is the most versatile shoe that will help out during unstable weather and will perfectly match both flying dresses and your favorite types of trousers.

Rough boots Rough boots Rough boots

Square nose

Remember the 90s? Today, of course, such shoes look somewhat different and have been a current trend for several seasons. It can also be easily combined with different styles, suits both dresses and skirts, as well as jeans and trouser suits.

Rough boots Rough boots Rough boots

Polished leather

Want to be the center of attention? That way. The combination of versatile color, eye-catching material and trendy designs makes these shoes a striking detail in any look.

Polished leather Polished leather Polished leather

Metal cape

If you love metallic details in your look, then this trend is for you. Such shoes will go well with denim and straight trousers; they will also look advantageous in contrast to romantic dresses.

Metal cape Metal cape Metal cape


Cowboy boots are always relevant. Their design varies slightly from season to season, but they are comfortable and practical shoes that go well with almost any clothing.

Cossacks Cossacks Cossacks


The trend of the spring-summer 2021 season. Ankle boots in a fine mesh are especially fond of designers and are often seen at shows. They are comfortable to wear even in warm weather, so if you want to look outside the box, feel free to choose perforated shoes.

Perforation Perforation Perforation

Shades of pink

Pink is at the top this season. This is one of the most demanded colors, women of fashion will definitely not remain indifferent. Along with clothes in colors ranging from pale pink to all sorts of fuchsia shades, the shoes also keep up.

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