How to dress stylishly for a woman in spring and summer 2021: a checklist of fashionable items
How to dress stylishly for a woman in spring and summer 2021: a checklist of fashionable items

Well, we finally said goodbye to winter, which means it's time to analyze and update our wardrobe.

In this article, we will look at what things are in fashion today and what trends of spring-summer 2021 should be added to your looks in order to be as relevant as possible.

Crop top or bra

Today it is the most popular item in the collections of brands for the spring-summer 2021 season. They can be coolly combined with trouser suits, and for especially daring girls - worn over dresses, blouses or tops.

Crop top or bra Crop top or bra Crop top or bra

Open back

For the 2021 weight-summer season, the emphasis has shifted from the cleavage to the seductively open back. Designers presented collections with plain dresses and open cutouts on the back, which undoubtedly becomes a feature of the image.

Open back Open back Open back

Feather Skirts

Do you want to catch the eye? Then this trend is for you! Fluffy skirts resembling air clouds look both shocking and romantic at the same time. By choosing this trend, you will definitely be the center of attention at any event.

Feather Skirts Feather Skirts Feather Skirts

Wide jeans

The trend is not the first season, so we boldly continue to wear and combine with different tops: wide blouses, crop tops and jackets.

Wide jeans Wide jeans Wide jeans

Loose trouser suit

The strict dress code was replaced by relaxed and easy-going trouser two-pieces. This trend is especially relevant, as it suits any type of figure, does not hinder movement and gives a feeling of comfort.

Loose trouser suit Loose trouser suit Loose trouser suit


For several seasons in a row, there are mesh dresses in the collections of designers. Now the brands have decided to go further and have presented at their shows all kinds of tops and skirts that resemble a fishnet.

Net Net Net

Micro handbags

Not very practical, but extremely relevant! Complementing the image with a miniature shoulder bag or in the form of a belt, or a knitted reticule, you will be on the same wavelength with streetstyle stars.

Micro handbags Micro handbags Micro handbags

Slingback shoes

To put it simply, shoes with an open heel. You cannot call them a super current trend, such shoes have been popular not for the first season. Today, these models are present in the collections of almost all designers. So keep wearing and don't forget for the current colors and decor.

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