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4 gadgets every modern woman needs
4 gadgets every modern woman needs

If you haven't got them yet, now is the time.

Fashion accessories today are not only handbags and belts. In the high-tech age, gadgets are becoming one of the main accessories of a modern woman.

This is what one cannot imagine oneself without today.

Wireless headphones

Introduced into fashion thanks to Apple, wireless headphones have become quite popular, regardless of the manufacturer. They are Bluetooth powered, never tangle and take up very little space.

The only downside is that one earpiece can often get lost, and the second one does not make sense without it. But in order to avoid this trouble, just buy a beautiful stylish box for your "ears".



Modern phones usually have super powerful batteries. But we can even plant her: 30 photos with breakfast, 40 with a cat and 30 more in the fitting room.

So that the phone does not suddenly leave you without communication and selfies, buy a power bank - a portable battery that can charge your phone up to 8 times.

Portable speaker

Music is everywhere, music for everyone. It's summer now, it's time for picnics and out-of-town trips. Take your music with you, use a portable speaker to deliver your favorite songs to your friends.

Of course, it is better to respect the rest of other people and not turn on this column to the fullest in a public place, even when you really want to.


Fitness bracelet

Doctors recommend walking at least 10,000 steps a day. The fitness bracelet will tell you about the passed quantity.

Its modern variations also include workouts, swimming and cycling, advice on how to eat and sleep, and generally look more like a personal mini trainer than just a bracelet.

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