Cleaning your wardrobe: TOP-6 things you need to get rid of immediately
Cleaning your wardrobe: TOP-6 things you need to get rid of immediately

With the arrival of spring, I am seized with a wild desire to make changes to my wardrobe. Sometimes in appearance. No, well, not so drastically to make a kare, but something softer … For example, buy a bright lipstick!

How do I during this period want changes, and with them look stylish and, most importantly, relevant. I am sure that many people wake up with the same requests with the arrival of warm days. And in order to collect the image of your dreams, it is not enough to know only about trends, otherwise some thing from the "border troops" can penetrate into the territory of a fashionable wardrobe and spoil everything - instantly reduce the cost of the whole image.

Mistakes when choosing clothes

A common mistake is absolute trust in stores for the assortment provided. Not all items on store shelves are relevant. I have seen a hundred times how well-known stores sin by putting up for sale things that have long been outdated. The buyer blindly believes that since the item is sold in such a serious store, it will be 100% trendy. These things will be on sale there as long as they are bought. Therefore, it is important not to fall into this trap.

Another common story is to copy street style images. In most cases, on street stylers you can see outdated bows that do not fit into the must have at all. If you track it, it’s better on foreign sites, prescribing a query in English in the search. Then the probability of not getting into bad manners is reduced several times.

Now about the fashion for retro. The fashion for the 70s burst into us last year, in the form of square capes on shoes, brooches, scarves. It is noticeable how the old has played in a new way, the models have a more modern look, this is reflected in the fittings, in the details. It would be a mistake to get your shoes or a bag from your grandmother's chest and consider yourself in fashion. Not only do things smell like mothballs from the chest, they smash any image to smithereens, even if it is from a style icon.

Throw it away immediately

What you need to know about anti-trends and how you can give things a second chance I will describe in detail in this section. I want each of you to have in your memory this mini-cheat sheet on things that will not only make your image cheaper, but will also inform everyone around that you are “out of topic”.

And so let's go!

Too tight things

This does not mean that you need to go oversized now. Just go for tight-fitting styles that have "air" between your clothes and your body.

tight things

The time of leaky jeans is coming to an end

Remember, your look will lose points with distressed jeans. When buying new ones, give preference without this embellishment.

The time of leaky jeans is coming to an end

Cropped jacket / blazer

If the length of the product is shorter than the sleeve, then obviously you need to say goodbye to such a thing. For too long, such designs have been in our wardrobes. Hopelessly out of date. We get rid of.

Cropped jacket / blazer

T-shirts with logo

Last year they came to us from the 2000s, even at that moment it was necessary to integrate them into your wardrobe with extreme caution. In 2021, their popularity fell to the level of "vulgar". Therefore, we say goodbye without regret.

T-shirts with logo

Skin-like leggings are rapidly losing ground

This spring it is better to opt for loose-fitting pants from the same material.

Skirts / trousers with slogans on the waist elastic

The surest way to navigate an outdated model is to remember that there were a couple of years at the peak of popularity. What thing did every second have? This will be your correct clue in anti-trends.

Skirts / trousers with slogans on the waist elastic

Bound forever

It so happens that a thing is very dear to you and you absolutely do not want to say goodbye to it.I will give you hope, you can give your darling a second chance!

For example, a tight-fitting dress can be paired with a cardigan or jacket of the current style. The elastic band with the inscription can be hidden without tucking the bottom of the shirt into it, leaving it on top. Wear leggings complete with high-toed shoes, etc. But there is one rule! The thing with which we "made friends" the outdated model should be trendy. Otherwise, the whole idea will be thwarted and instead of hiding the shortcomings, we will only strengthen them.

Look at a thing, spin it like a Rubik's cube, think about how you can beat it at the expense of other things. The main thing is that all the clothes that you give a second life to fit your style. So that she adorns you and is of a suitable size. And then your wardrobe will always delight you!

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