How to find the perfect pantsuit to feel feminine and comfortable
How to find the perfect pantsuit to feel feminine and comfortable

Personally, I love pantsuits! They really fascinate and delight my eyes, despite the huge number of other images that I collect during my work.

Choosing a trouser suit, a kind of magic of style and beauty happens to a woman. And when choosing “your suit”, it is important to maintain a balance of proportions, textures and cut in order to add that very harmony to your image and emphasize the right mood and style.

Today I will give you some recommendations on the selection of a trouser suit, following which you can feel feminine, elegant, and comfortable at the same time!

Choose a loose and comfortable fit

There can be different styles in fashion, but whatever is convenient and pleasant for you is always stylish - I always emphasize individuality in my work, and I recommend trying somewhere unusual for yourself styles and cut - this will help you find “yours”. And it is also important to dwell not on what trends dictate, but what you personally like in combination with trendy notes. What you feel comfortable in, what you feel confident in, harmonious and will be a stylish version of the image!

pantsuit pantsuit pantsuit

Follow the proportions

Despite the trend for short jackets, you should not rush into the pool headlong, choosing what may not suit you. For example, if your task is to favorably emphasize your femininity by removing the accent from the hip area, but at the same time feel comfortable, give preference to jackets that end at the hips and below. This will stretch the silhouette and add lightness to the look.

pantsuit pantsuit

And if you are very attracted by interesting trends, and you feel comfortable in them, feel free to consider cropped jackets. They are suitable for girls who are boldly ready to emphasize the line of the hips.

The only thing is that it is better to choose trousers with a high waist for cropped jackets, so that a gap in proportions is not created: between the beginning of the trousers and the end of the jacket.

pantsuit pantsuit

Opt for oversized blazers and oversized pants

In the era of oversize, fitted jackets are not always appropriate - if you do not know all the subtleties in their selection, you can not modernize the image, but, on the contrary, simplify and age. If you want to emphasize your waist while wearing a trouser suit, pay attention to modern stylistic techniques:

highlight the waist with a dark top against a light suit (and vice versa);

pantsuit pantsuit

take trousers with a high waist, emphasizing the waist with a belt;


choose a double-breasted suit with a light waistline / or a wrap-around jacket - it will be both voluminous and modern, and will add an accent to the waist

pantsuit pantsuit

How to choose your style of trousers: 7/8, palazzo, chinos, classic and others

First of all, let's decide on the goals, where are the best pants to choose, and then I will give advice on the individual selection of pants.

We will collect popular styles of trousers in conventional categories:

  • for business tasks: classic, straight, palazzo made of dense fabric;
  • for everyday: chinos, pajamas, skinny;
  • for situational: sports, linen, culottes.

Based on these categories, look at the styles, what to start from when choosing a trouser suit for work, a business meeting or for an event, party, etc.

pantsuit pantsuit pantsuit

Regarding the individual selection of trousers, as a stylist, I will say: from the side of the figure, it is important to choose trousers in person, taking into account your specific parameters. And in order to simplify your searches, I recommend taking several completely different trousers of different sizes - the pattern is different from the pattern, and you can perfectly fit trousers of an absolutely unexpected cut and size.

After familiarizing yourself with the trends, understanding what you are comfortable in, you can certainly choose the perfect pantsuit.

pantsuit pantsuit pantsuit

When choosing a suit, it is important to consider the quality of its material

For me, it is very important to draw your attention to the practicality in the selection of a trouser suit. You can buy dozens of beautiful things, but if you wear some of them regularly, while others rest idle on the shelves, it will not be very rational. Therefore, it is important to choose a suit that you will definitely wear as a set.

And if you want to be able to wear it as a set, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the materials. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will wear the jacket regularly under different bottoms, but one day you will take out the pants from the set, and the shade of the jacket has become lighter and looks less fresh than the pants.

To avoid such situations, when choosing a trouser suit, give preference to the highest quality and wear-resistant materials.

pantsuit pantsuit pantsuit

The main thing is that you like yourself

Any woman, in order to look harmonious and stylish, first of all needs to like herself.

And by choosing a suit in which you are comfortable, in which you feel the most beautiful, you will be so! It can be a plain suit with palazzo trousers or a plaid business suit, it is in combination with stylish accessories and your inner confidence that you will find the perfect trouser suit and a balance of style and beauty!

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