8 tricks with clothes and accessories to make you look slimmer
8 tricks with clothes and accessories to make you look slimmer

Color, size and shape are your main trump cards in creating the illusion of harmony.

Looking slimmer without dieting and sports is not so difficult - you just need to know some rules for combining clothes and accessories. We offer you 8 fashion tricks that will help you look 1-2 sizes slimmer.

Handbag of the right color and size

A medium-sized handbag, trapezoidal or rectangular, black or any other rich shade, without massive decorative elements - with such an accessory, the figure of overweight ladies will look much more profitable.

a bag

Winning style

A special cut of clothes will help to hide excess weight. So, an elongated jacket or cardigan will hide the absence of a waist and wide hips. In an envelope dress (with overlapping hemlines and drapery under the waist line), the upper part of the figure will appear slimmer. A skirt that expands from mid-thigh will help to hide wide hips.

Perfect size

Trying to hide curvaceous shapes under baggy clothing will only make matters worse. Choose your size strictly! Clothes that are too big for you will make your figure shapeless, and a tight dress or blouse will accentuate all the folds. It is necessary that the clothing denotes a silhouette, but at the same time it does not fit the figure tightly.

Deep V-neck

To make the upper part of the figure more graceful, choose models with a deep neckline (preferably a V-shape). This will visually lengthen your neck and make it thinner. But round and square cutouts, voluminous draperies, ruffles and embroidery along the neckline are taboo.

Deep V-neck

Use bright decorations

Don't forget to experiment with different jewelry. At the same time, keep in mind that long jewelry (chains, beads, earrings) visually "stretch" the figure. But short and large necklaces emphasize the fullness of the neck and "reduce" growth. Choose one or two bright strands of beads to match your outfit to create the right accent.

Heeled shoes

If you want to look slimmer, forget about moccasins and ballerinas. In shoes with heels, you will look taller and slimmer. The best choice is high-heeled pumps. In this case, the heel should not be too thin, otherwise there will be a dissonance of proportions.

Dark shades

Choose monochromatic outfits in dark shades of any rich color (dark blue, dark green, burgundy, purple). Slim the figure and transitions of shades from light to dark, narrow vertical and horizontal stripes, a small pattern on the fabric, but avoid large patterns.

Dark shades

Corrective underwear

Corrective underwear is a must-have in the wardrobe of curvy ladies. A bra with wide barrels will help to hide folds on the back, and tight-fitting panties with a high waistline will help to hide the tummy and excess in the lumbar region. It is important that the underwear does not cut into the body, forming additional reliefs.

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