How to become a supermodel? Expert opinion of Sergey Nikityuk
How to become a supermodel? Expert opinion of Sergey Nikityuk

If you want to become a model, we will tell you what first steps a girl should take, where to start in order to make her wish come true.

Model booker and scout, expert of the model reality of the New Channel “Super Top Model in Ukrainian” Serhiy Nikityuk explained why someone achieves dizzying success in the fashion sphere, while others do not expect anything but contracts in China.

Sergey gave a start to a successful future in the modeling field to more than one girl. And it's not only about the favorites of the project "Super Top Model in Ukrainian", Dasha Maistrenko, Arina Lyubitelova and Sasha Litvin.

Nikityuk works as a model scout and booker, so promoting models is his professional duty.

A girl should be young, educated, not pimply, thin - but in fact all models are like that. Once in any fashion capital during Fashion Week, walking along the central streets of Milan or New York, you can see a huge number of beautiful models. There are thousands of them! But only 50 of them become super successful, and all the rest, with grief in half, do something here, something there.

- said Sergey Nikityuk.

Sergey Nikityuk

Being thin and beautiful is not enough to become a supermodel. Sergey Nikityuk is sure: a successful modeling career is akin to a winning lottery ticket.

The final factor is luck. It's important to be in the right place at the right time

- summed up the expert of model reality.

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