8 contraceptive myths that even smart women believe in for some reason
8 contraceptive myths that even smart women believe in for some reason

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Contraception protects us from unwanted pregnancies and genital infections. We will look at the myths of contraception, which is used by a reliable trusted partner so as not to get pregnant. In all other cases, we recommend using a condom: only it protects against infections.

So, what are the common myths about contraception?

PPA is effective

The method of interrupted intercourse is used by many couples who do not want children, but do not want to spend money on contraception either. But in vain! After all, this method is not effective for several reasons.

For pregnancy, just one sperm is enough, it can get into the seminal fluid and before orgasm, the man will not even notice it.

Secondly, he may simply get carried away corny and not be in time. And answer you.

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COC grows weight and mustache

Combined oral contraceptives (birth control pills) are one of the most reliable methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies. However, there are still myths that they affect the weight or even the growth of the mustache.

This is not true. Indeed, 30-40 years ago, strong hormones were added to the pills, which increased testosterone, weight, hairiness. Now these are the lowest doses that are not able to affect weight, but are able to balance hormones.

You can't get pregnant the first time

Many believe that when depriving of virginity is not mono. This is not true, there is no physiological reason not to get pregnant the first time.

In addition, due to inexperience, you can get infected with something, so it is better to use a condom for the first time.

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Shower helps

It is believed that if you take a thorough shower after sex and wash out all the sperm, then you cannot get pregnant. No, you can't even get a shower where the sperm fertilized the egg. Already.

Condom provides 100% protection

A condom is not even the most reliable method of contraception; it is inferior to COCs and an intrauterine device. It is not always used correctly, and it can also break at the most crucial moment.

But all the same, this is an effective way of protection, primarily from diseases. Just use quality condoms.

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You cannot get pregnant during lactation

This is not the case, although menstruation really may not be. According to statistics, after sex during lactation, pregnancy occurs in 10% of women.

The spiral is possible only for those who have given birth

This is an outdated opinion. Today, coils are implanted at any age; moreover, with hormonal support, this becomes the most effective remedy for pregnancy.


You can't get pregnant after menopause

It is possible, because menopause does not occur in one day and forever. Fertility functions are gradually fading away, but a woman can still give birth. So if you don’t plan - protect yourself!

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