What things can and should be bought one size larger?
What things can and should be bought one size larger?

I don’t know about you, dear ladies, but I always wanted to be one size smaller … That is, you get real pleasure when, instead of the usual “emka,” you boldly fit into the “escu”. And then what, everything is the other way around?

So, wait, does this mean Elka will become my loyal ally? Does this mean that now the title of "elki" will be my brand for life? At this moment, the female brain is turned off. It doesn't matter how you look or how much you weigh. The shameful "elka" overshadows the mind and repeats: "everything is gone."

This is just my experience and my example. But something tells me that I am not the only one. Time to stop panic and say the main words: love yourself. It doesn't matter in what size. It doesn't matter in what body. You are beautiful, I'm sure. And when we accept this fact, sincerely love ourselves, no size tags are able to piss us off.

Have you confessed your love? Only now can you start reading the article.

Knitted vests

If you want topical looks, then feel free to forget about vests that fit the silhouette. A loose vest will not only be a warm addition to the still cool spring, but also a cool accent in your outfit.

Knitted vests Knitted vests Knitted vests Knitted vests


It's the same story, because oversized still appears on the shows of famous Fashion Houses. Huge wide sleeves will look great. And the models of shirts can be very diverse, here you can safely experiment.

Shirts Shirts Shirts Shirts


Of course, loose and voluminous models have replaced the fitted, short jackets. Leather, different colors, checks or any other prints - it's up to you. Also, how to decide how much more this jacket will be.

jacket jacket jacket jacket


Well, I could not pass by shoes, since my past is closely connected with the nail industry. And, as an honored veteran in the war with tight shoes, I declare: take care of your feet and wear loose shoes. Otherwise it can lead to problems with nails and fingers. This is exactly the case when you definitely need to take one size larger! And for inspiration, below are examples of current shoes for 2021.

Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes

Now the whole world is striving for more relaxed, everyday images. Of course, this is influenced by well-known world events. We worked a lot from home, which made Fashion Houses create clothes that are comfortable and loose.

I end each article with the words "choose clothes with your heart." And this one is no exception. It's up to you to decide how you look and what you feel comfortable in: oversized or tight-fitting silhouettes. And I'm only here to keep you informed. So, traditionally, choose clothes with your heart.

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