Why is a vacuum useful for the abdomen and how to do it correctly
Why is a vacuum useful for the abdomen and how to do it correctly

If you want to get a flat stomach, but you can't devote much time to twisting, it doesn't matter. A simple vacuum exercise will achieve this effect. Below we will tell you how to make a vacuum correctly.

One of the contenders for the heart of the main character of the show "Bachelor 11" Mikhail Zalivako is an athlete, coach, champion in running Dasha. On the social network, the beauty talked about the benefits of a vacuum, and also explained when it is better to do the exercise and why it should be included in the habit.

The owner of a relief body is convinced that the best time to perform a vacuum is in the morning, and always on an empty stomach.

Dasha Bachelor 11

What muscles are involved?

The vacuum works on the deepest - transverse - abdominal muscle, which we use extremely rarely. This muscle "does not work" even when we pump the abs or do crunches. But at the same time, it has the most important role - it ensures the correct position of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity and allows the stomach not to fall out forward. Naturally, during a vacuum, not one, but all the muscles of the press are involved.

Why should a vacuum be included in the habit?

Systematic execution will allow you to achieve an excellent result! The vacuum is unique in that it affects more than just the muscles! Another huge plus is that it increases blood flow to the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, to the reproductive organs. Also, the vacuum has a positive effect on the digestive system, improves metabolism.

vacuum for the abdomen

The vacuum will be useful to absolutely everyone who has no contraindications.

Do this exercise every day if:

  • you have a bulging belly, and it immediately puffs up as soon as you eat;
  • you want to spend less time training, but get high-quality results;
  • want to prevent prolapse of internal organs;
  • dream of learning how to always keep your belly toned, in good shape;
  • you want to have a thin waist and nice abs;
  • regular execution of a vacuum reduces the level of visceral fat in the body, which just "lives" in the area of ​​our abdomen.

It is not recommended to do a vacuum:

  • with exacerbation of chronic diseases of the abdominal and pelvic region;
  • within six months after surgery on the anterior abdominal wall or pelvic region;
  • during menstruation and pregnancy;
  • with heart failure and decompensated heart defects.

The most important thing in doing a vacuum is breathing.

vacuum for the abdomen

The exercise pattern is simple: take a deep breath, then exhale all the air that you have in your lungs. After that, we begin to smoothly draw in the stomach and strive, as it were, to reach the back with the stomach. In this position, without breathing, it is advisable to stay for at least 10 seconds.

The correct vacuum technique is shown in the video below

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