How to remove gel polish at home and not lose your nails
How to remove gel polish at home and not lose your nails

How to remove gel polish yourself when there is no way to get to the master?

The process of applying and removing gel polish from nails looks like a very complex and active process. The master carries out many manipulations that seem to be something very serious and incredible.

However, if you urgently need to remove the gel polish from your nails, but the master was not nearby, then you can do it yourself.

Now we'll tell you how.

What do you need to remove gel polish?

In order to remove gel polish from nails at home, you will need the following tools at hand:

  • Cotton pads or beardless wipes;
  • Nail polish remover;
  • Orange stick or pusher spatula;
  • File for sawing the top cover;
  • Cuticle oil.

You can also use foil to remove nail polish, but this is not a good option. This is a long and very difficult process, which may not have the best effect on your nails.


How to remove gel polish from nails?

After we have armed ourselves with all the essentials, it's time to start removing gel polish from nails.

Start by treating the skin around your nails with cuticle oil or cream. Then arm yourself with a file or buff and remove the top layer of nail polish with it. Don't skip this step as it will help speed up the nail removal process.

Then take half of a cotton pad and moisten it with nail polish remover and apply it to the nail. Hold each cotton pad on each finger for 10-15 minutes.


When 15 minutes are over, remove everything from your nails and remove the remaining polish with an orange stick. If the gel polish is soaked well, then everything will go like clockwork.

However, be careful when removing the remains of the gel polish, because you can damage the nail.

Then you can cover your nails with a colorless base so as not to leave them naked and damaged.

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