6 Signs That May Indicate You Are Allergic To Milk
6 Signs That May Indicate You Are Allergic To Milk

Milk allergy is a rare but serious condition in adults.

Milk is an allergic product. However, children are more likely to suffer from non-translation of dairy products. In an adult, the immune system gets used to this product and does not react with unpleasant symptoms.

But everything can be. Let's find out 6 important signs of milk allergy.

Stomach cramps

Lactose intolerance or milk allergy occurs due to a lack of an enzyme in the digestive system. Hence, unmotivated stomach cramps occur, which cannot be cured by any spasmolytic.


You often go to the toilet

Most often, lactose intolerance is accompanied by diarrhea and increased flatulence. If you see a connection between consuming dairy products and frequent trips to the toilet, then see your doctor.

You feels bad

You're sick. Nausea is a very simple and popular symptom of lactose intolerance. It's just that your body does not perceive milk and tries to get rid of it in every possible way.



Eczema is a complex disease. However, it may indeed appear in response to cow's milk intolerance.

Strange symptoms

Symptoms of a cow's milk allergy may include coughing, wheezing, hives, or a rash. In such cases, you should immediately consult a doctor.


Lactose intolerance is a complex disease and rarely comes with a single symptom. Most often this occurs in conjunction with a whole bunch of symptoms (if not all).

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