7 important rules to keep your hair beautiful and healthy during the cold season
7 important rules to keep your hair beautiful and healthy during the cold season

The cold season is a real hair nightmare. They constantly get confused, electrified and stick out in different directions. It's time to pacify them.

We understand why hair is so capricious in cold weather and provide effective tips for caring for it in winter.

Always wear a hat

Perhaps this is the most basic rule that will help keep your hair beautiful and healthy during the cold season. A sharp drop in temperature, cold, wind, snow - all this simply kills your hair. They dry, break, fall out. Therefore, if there is no hat, then there are no beautiful curls. Point. And most importantly: hide the length under a jacket or scarf.

Choose the right care

In the cold season, your strands need increased hydration and nutrition. Therefore, pay special attention to the care products. You can't get off with shampoo alone. Conditioner or balm after each hair wash is a must. Another secret. Wash off the balm with cool water. This will seal the product in your hair and it will shine.

Make a hair mask

Always thought the mask was a stupid waste of money? But no. Hairdressers recommend pampering your curls with this care at least once a week. Choose nourishing or revitalizing masks. And to make the effect even cooler, apply the product to your hair, wrap it in plastic, and then put on a hat. Hold the mask for 30-40 minutes and wash off. We assure you, you just don't recognize your hair. Just don't apply it to the hair roots.

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Always dry your hair before going outside

Don't even think about running out into the street with wet braids. Moisture can freeze in the hair structure and destroy it. Then don't be surprised why they split and break. In the cold season, try to dry them with a hairdryer at low temperatures. And don't forget about thermal protection. These products will help you not only to protect your hair, but also to additionally moisturize it.

Don't forget about the oils

It is still a hassle to wash them off … But they nourish and give shine to the hair very cool. Coconut and olive are the most popular. Only they need to be applied correctly and no more than 1-2 times a week. Before applying, your hair should be clean and slightly damp (this will make it easier for the oils to penetrate the hair). Be sure to heat the oil to keep it warm. Apply full length, twist them into a bun, put on a plastic cap and walk as much as you can.

Do you come to work, take off your hat, scarf, and look like an alien with antennas on your head? We understand you. But this is not at all a reason to throw warm clothes to hell. There are a couple of secrets to keep your hair from getting electrified.

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Try not to wear synthetics

It is synthetic threads that make your hair go crazy. It is better that the hat and scarf contain not only acrylic and polyester, but also wool. Natural materials do not create static electricity, therefore, the more wool and cashmere in your hat, the less they will riot.

Always use a balm or hair conditioner

This is the golden rule for all girls who want to come to school with a normal hairstyle. The drier the hair, the more frizz and electrification it becomes.

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