What is Freedom: illusions and reality
What is Freedom: illusions and reality

If a woman has an oxytocin addiction, that is, an immoderate need to feel like a “nursing mother” who has the illusion of the hormone of happiness in her blood, then she will attract estrogen-dependent people to herself so that they can relieve this tension by their presence …

That is, those who badly need feminine feminine energy for "food and survival" (It can be men and women, and people of any age). Everything is natural. When a woman is freed from this addiction, and her environment remains the same - with estrogen binding, then they are looking for a new "cow" that will agree to "feed" them and will be glad that they have come to "milk" her.

Often these types of women live "for the sake of children", or "for the sake of work", because it seems to them that without them at work "these little children" will not be able to cope, they will just disappear …

Why does oxytocin dependence occur?

Oxytocin addiction is part of the world of the past, the era of survival and struggle for resources. As a rule, such a girl did not know the feeling of unconditional love, and acceptance from her own mother, from her father, from the clan and the world as a result …

And she herself becomes a HYPERMUM for others. She strives for motherhood early, or she constantly "educates" everyone in her environment, teaches, saves, nourishes … and kicks, even if they do not ask.

This is the same girl who did not know unconditional love, did not accept herself, she gives others much more than they can return to her. She seeks to SERVE for love and approval. And there is a program of "excess".

winter girl

That is, if we give too much, even good, this leads to addiction and ignorance, to addiction, to an imbalance in the Universe. And it also blocks the center of will of other people, on the subtle plane they become "fat and clumsy sloths."

In the space of an oxytocin-dependent woman, as a rule, there always comes an estrogen-dependent man who was raised by the same mother! And this vicious circle is endless. Until someone breaks it, learning to love, and reaching FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS through the transformation of events and circumstances.

A man emerges from estrogen bondage when he nurtures a mature woman within him when:

  • forms an adult position and goes out from under the maternal matrix of the genus;
  • takes responsibility for his emotions, feelings and transforms them into strength through gratitude and caring for other women, without expecting anything from them.

Otherwise, he always lives with a light attachment to food, alcohol, sex, emotional release, praise and approval through a primitive level …

girl in good mood

A woman comes out of oxytocin dependence from the role of "mother" when:

  • fills himself with unconditional acceptance, stops nursing and saving everyone, teaching and educating, raising, and directs this force inside himself;
  • fills himself with care and moves to the level of consciousness HIGHER, shaping his service not through "hyper", but through BALANCE AND SUFFICIENCY in freedom of choice.

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