A nutritionist told how to lose weight and not gain it again
A nutritionist told how to lose weight and not gain it again

What if you have been in the process of losing weight for a long time, and the kilograms are getting harder every day? What other methods besides diet and exercise can help you lose weight? And how, having achieved the result, not gain weight again?

What if everything is in order with nutrition and sports, but the discharge of extra pounds has slowed down significantly? According to the experts of the Morning with Inter program on the Inter channel, this is a normal phenomenon.

The first kilograms go away easily, and then there is a struggle for every hundred grams. During this period, you can use additional methods of losing weight.


The easiest additional method to help you lose weight is massage. And not only lymphatic drainage, but also normal. For example, actress Sasha Bortich, who has lost 26 kilograms, claims that without massage she would not have achieved her goal so quickly.

This method is effective if approached correctly. We are constantly sitting either on phones or at a computer. Many people have back problems. Massage will help relax muscles and improve blood flow. But if there are clamps, protrusions, then before the course of massages it is necessary to consult a neurologist

- says endocrinologist Svetlana Svichkar.


Eastern practices

Eastern practices are in vogue now. Some weight loss stars use acupuncture. This technique stabilizes the endocrine system, improves metabolism, and relieves cravings for food.

Acupuncture - an oriental culture that affects physiology

- says psychologist Natalya Ben.

But the specialist notes that one should not blindly trust the new technique, even if it helped someone from his acquaintances. And in no case should you trust charlatans who promise an instant effect without much effort.

You need to conduct a personal search, experiment and try how this will affect you. It works for some people. But it is, rather, about self-hypnosis. Here you have to choose - either roll the eggs, or use evidence-based methods. I'm just for the second. The most important thing is not to harm.

Unusual methods

Model Marisa Miller advises wearing less clothes: they say, if you are naked, you are unlikely to allow yourself to eat a lot. Actress Liv Tyler is sure that a contrast shower helps her not to gain weight. And the main secret of Kim Kardashian's weight loss is a tight corset. Also, some physiologists say: to lose weight, you have to laugh more often or … fall in love: a hormonal explosion will make you just forget about food!

cold and hot shower

How to prevent the return of the lost pounds?

Losing excess weight does not mean losing weight! This paradoxical statement is used by nutritionists. They say that losing weight is staying at your normal weight forever. And if after a diet you pounce on cakes and rolls, then was it worth losing weight at all? How, after losing weight, not gaining weight again?

The goal is to maintain performance and adapt your eating style to your daily life. What happens to the heroes of most television projects who lose weight in certain conditions and are brought food to them? Then they return to real life, where there are children who love sweets, there are family problems, holidays, vacations … And excess weight comes back

- says nutritionist Olga Bezuglaya.

The doctor emphasizes: you should forever change your attitude to food, and then the extra pounds will not return.

But not in the format that you ate tasteless, not peppery, not salty food and do not get moral satisfaction from this.And in the sense that you need to figure out what is useful and what is not. How do we do it in this program. It turns out that you can eat baked turkey, not just boiled cutlets. You can use spices. The question is always quantity. And if in the process of losing weight a habit of having breakfast has been formed, then it must be unshakable.

If you practice intermittent fasting once a week. Then it should become a habit. You don't need to starve every day - you can go once a week, once every two weeks, but it should become a habit.

intermittent fasting

Trainer Maksims Nagibins also insists that after losing weight, you should continue to play sports. Design the program so that it is comfortable for everyday life. Even if the nutrition and training program is over, smoothly switch to lowering the intensity of the exercise.

In order to maintain the result, you can go in for sports at a low level, at a low heart rate, but the main thing is not to quit. You can slow down so that the body begins to recover. Because losing weight is also stressful for the body, like weight gain.

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