5 types of women who, by their behavior, destroy relationships
5 types of women who, by their behavior, destroy relationships

Men can also behave incorrectly. But we'll talk about this next time.

It does not happen that a crisis in a pair arises out of the blue. This is preceded by a series of events. Including destructive behavior. It's one thing when it's noticeable to the naked eye, like alcoholism or assault. But sometimes lovers do not understand that their actions hurt the soul mate. And then they are surprised that the partner ran away!

What behavior of women scares off men - said the host of "Kohannya na vizhivannya" (New Channel), a psychologist by training Oleg Kenzov.

Power that has

Such women exhibit tyrannical behavior. They are constantly trying to "put the man in his place" and become the main one in the family and relationships. Sometimes this is done with good intentions in order to make a partner better, stronger, richer. True, the constant reproaches and the struggle for power quickly bore a man. And he either gives the reins of power to the woman, or leaves such a relationship.

boy and girl communicate

Guardian "mom"

She knows better what clothes her beloved should wear, what to eat and what to think about. Constantly worried about his health, financial capabilities and mood. Such a woman shoulders everything related to relationships. And then she is surprised that they have no sex, and the beloved is constantly unhappy.

Why it happens? There are two reasons. First, moms don't sleep with their kids. Therefore, if a woman takes care of and brings up an adult man, his attraction is reduced to zero. Second: all children rebel against their parents - hence the claims of a loved one to "mother".

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Little girl

Such women are absolutely helpless in life. Starting from the most basic things like utility bills. They seem to be always in trouble and are looking for a hero who will save them. If it is found, happiness does not last long. After all, it is tiresome to take care of an adult independent person. A man next to such a woman feels like a "dad", so attraction and love disappear.

Your Highness

Such women will not add up prices for themselves. They demand that the man admire them, extol and please in every possible way. After all, they are “princesses”. At the same time, they rarely give warmth and intimacy in return. What kind of person would like the role of the "servant" in a relationship?

couple in love

Woman economist

She measures relationships in money: who invested how much in the budget and how much they spent. Counting every penny, he forgets that he is building a love relationship, not a business one.

By the way, girls with similar behavior took part in the reality show "Kokhannya na vizhivannya". Did they manage to sort out the relationship, or did they continue to live in doubts - watch from September 15 at 19:00 on the New Channel.

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