How to talk to men about improving intimate life without resentment
How to talk to men about improving intimate life without resentment

Men are often insulted by talking about improving their intimate life.

They strive to be the best in bed, so the slightest hints of some flaws give rise to resentment in them. But this is not a reason to be silent and be content with what we have.

Natalya Yezhova, the co-host of the reality show "Exy" (New Channel), psychologist and sexologist, advised how women should start talking about sex with their partners.

Talking about your desires is not a pretense. Words are a tool with which we convey our thoughts. Their misuse leads to fights. But at the same moment, if you are silent, then the discontent will only accumulate.

- explains the co-host of "Ex".

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There are several options for the development of events: you can continue to be silent and angry, you can start looking for partners with whom you will be comfortable on the side, but the most correct decision would be to talk.

I share my desires, but you can agree, or you can refuse. Sow the seed of desire, not pretense

- Natalya Yezhova gives an example of conversation options.

How can this be done?

Imagine in detail what kind of intimate life you want. The picture should turn you on.

Write the scenario you presented on a piece of paper. It is important that it is deployed.

Speak the script in front of the mirror with feeling, desire, excitement, intonation. So that you like it yourself!

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Tell your partner what you want after intercourse. Don't expect him to fulfill them right away. Hug the man and tell him how you would like.

Use the sandwich rule in conversation: praise - say what you want - praise. Hide your desire between what you already liked. Infect your partner with your desire.

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