5 Signs Your Relationship Won't Work Out
5 Signs Your Relationship Won't Work Out

How to understand that there is no future with this man.

During the candy-bouquet period, we are ready to close our eyes to many things. After all, we so want to believe that love will last until the end of life, and it is with this person that we will meet a happy old age.

However, the participants in the reality show "Kohannya na vizhivannya" (New Channel) are a living example of the fact that seemingly ideal relationships can be far from the best. From the first meetings, you can understand that the couple has no future.

How? On alarm bells.

Your meetings only take place late at night

Obviously, the other half has something to hide if she does not want to see each other during the day on the weekend or immediately after work. Perhaps a man is only interested in sex? Or maybe he doesn't want you to be noticed together?

the couple broke up

He's too private

Ask yourself: what do I know about my beloved? Do you find it difficult to answer? This is a reason to think. This means that he practically does not tell anything about himself. Playing the Prince of Mystery suggests that you are not being taken seriously.

He doesn't make appointments

If you constantly organize your joint leisure time, it means that you are not so dear to him that he himself would want to surprise you.

the couple broke up

It requires a lot

Another option is when a man wants you to spend all your free time only with him. He is jealous of friends and colleagues - this is a reason to think, is he a tyrant?

He is distracted by gadgets

If during your meetings a man is constantly on the phone, this does not mean that he is busy. He's either not well-mannered, or you are not important to him.

It should be easy at the beginning of a relationship. If the candy-bouquet period brings discomfort, then it will only get worse.

But you can see how to solve relationship problems in the reality show "Kokhannya na vizhivannya" on Tuesday at 19:00 on the New Channel.

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