How to bring back the joy of life: 6 powerful ways to color reality
How to bring back the joy of life: 6 powerful ways to color reality

When the world turns gray and indifference overshadows all feelings, the surest way out is to find something to your liking.

Joy inspires and gives a sense of the fulfillingness of life. But suddenly something breaks - and she leaves. Do you know the feeling of hopelessness and apathy? To deal with it, you need to understand its true cause.

Fatigue is the simplest and most common reason why the world around you stops being enjoyable. Feelings are dulled, everything seems gray and monotonous. And the only recipe in this case is how to relax.

Sometimes it seems to us that our life is very boring. “Artists (showmen, politicians, journalists …) have an interesting and rich life, not like mine,” we think.

The paradox is that writers, artists, actors, and show business stars are all equally tired of what they do every day. Whoever you are, from time to time you need to break out of everyday reality and change the picture. Take a vacation and move away - to another city, another country. Free yourself from the usual routine. Breathe in the air of freedom. Learn new things. Often this step is able to restore strength and bring back the joy of each day.

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But it happens that the blues becomes chronic. Complete disappointment, unwillingness to do anything, awareness of the meaninglessness of life - these are the symptoms of this condition.

We lose our joy in one case: when we cannot use life to satisfy our needs. A person perceives the world through the prism of what he can influence. And if he satisfies other people's desires and sacrifices his own, then he feels frustration. But this is how we are brought up! You go to work where no one is going to think about your personal needs. You live in a society that is focused on capital accumulation, and if you have other values, you have to break yourself. Joy is always the joy of one's own doing, activity for oneself among like-minded people.

6 ways to shake yourself up and want to live

If everyday life has become insipid, you need to look for a way to diversify them. Just do not sit back: apathy does not go away by itself!

Take a trip

Change of environment and new impressions expand the boundaries of perception. All sensations become sharper several times. And there is time to think about what, in fact, is important to you.

Get a pet

Caring for a small, defenseless creature - even a turtle - gives each of us a sense of need that we need. The animal depends entirely on the owner: you will begin to receive joy when you feed him, stroke him, communicate with him.

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Go to the temple for services

Even if you are not a religious person, try to stand the service, listen to prayers and understand yourself better. People often find peace and harmony after attending church. It's not even about the ceremony, but about returning to oneself.

Come up with a new hobby

Ask yourself: what is important to you, what have you always wanted to do and what have you denied yourself? And take this step: sign up for a dance or a drama studio, start learning professional photography. There is nowhere to put it off.

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Home mini-renovation undertakings

At least rearrange the furniture and re-glue the wallpaper. Firstly, you will undoubtedly be distracted, and secondly, transforming and renewing your home, you yourself will want to be internally renewed.

Help the one who is harder

When we do good, we always feel joy.We are transforming, becoming clearer and brighter. A visit to a sick friend, help to my mother, a few kind words to a neighbor … And maybe volunteer work.

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