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3 helpful movies to strengthen relationships and keep your feelings hot
3 helpful movies to strengthen relationships and keep your feelings hot

You need to watch these films with your partner and be sure to discuss.

Many people dream of such feelings as in the movies. But scripts almost always come from life. And watching a romantic movie is a great alternative to family counseling, because it allows you to look at the relationship from the outside and try to understand your partner.

Oleg Kenzov, the presenter of the reality show "Kohannya na vizhivannya" (New Channel), a psychologist by training, advised three films about relationships that must be watched.

Husbands and Wives

The unsurpassed Woody Allen in this movie touches on the topic of divorce. He plays a neurotic writer who, in search of himself, constantly scandals with his wife. It seems that their marriage is bursting at the seams, but they cannot admit that it is time to break up. Until one day their close friends, who have lived together for many years, do not announce their divorce.

Husbands and wives

When a man loves a woman

A very realistic film with absolutely everyday dialogues. It shows a typical family life, where there is routine, fatigue, joys and sorrows. And the picture also raises a very deep topic - alcoholism in the family. And how, at the beginning of the problem, a loving husband tries not to notice his wife's addiction.

When a man loves a woman

Sad Valentine

The film shows an American family in a breakup moment. An infantile husband and a wife who considers herself a "loser" are about to part ways. The main character Sinti realizes that the closeness with her husband Dean does not suit her. And then the director transfers the viewer to the moment when the spouses just fell in love with each other.

Sad valentine

By the way, you can look at the relationship from the outside not only in the movies. Every Tuesday at 19:00 on the reality show "Kohannya na vijivannya" New Channel raises the topic of unhealthy attachment, infidelity, toxic love and relationship crisis.

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