How to deal with jealousy between children: advice from psychologist Dmitry Karpachev
How to deal with jealousy between children: advice from psychologist Dmitry Karpachev

The seventh week of the Supermama project continues on the air of STB. The heroine of the issue was the glamorous mom, the famous socialite Alain Laurent.

In a conversation with the host of the Supermama project, Dmitry Karpachev, Alena shared her problem - her 3-year-old daughter Gabriella is very jealous of her youngest son Lev. How to deal with it - Dmitry Karpachev advised.

The heroine said that Gaby, with her whims, is trying to attract her attention out of jealousy for her little brother. The daughter practically does not allow her mother to approach him and does everything possible for this, makes various requests every second!

Alena admitted that she does not devote as much time to her son as to her daughter, 24/7 there is a nanny with the baby. Mom also shared that Gaby behaves well towards the youngest with her, but as soon as she stays with the nanny, she says that she does not want to share her mother.

Tip 1 - prepare your child in advance

There is no need to demand instant love and acceptance of the younger from the older child. For the appearance of another child in the family of children, it is worth preparing in advance. Explain that another child will soon appear, that he does not replace the older one. And when the baby is born, return from the hospital with a gift. Like, look what your little brother or sister has prepared for you.

How to deal with jealousy between children

Tip 2 - teach interaction

Your child is just beginning to learn to interact with others, including his brother. She imagined that now she wants to spend time with you, and mom should pay attention to her brother. At this moment, she considers her own brother an enemy. Right now, you must teach your daughter not only to listen to you and behave well when you are at home, but also to teach how to behave in the presence of others.

How to deal with jealousy between children

Interact consciously, feel the difference, that sometimes people want to make contact, and sometimes they don't. She must learn to negotiate, resolve small conflicts. The right thing to do here would be to spend more time with your son. This is important for the formation of a psycho-emotional relationship between the child and the mother.

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