Why We Feel Bad in Winter: Top 5 Reasons
Why We Feel Bad in Winter: Top 5 Reasons

We are looking for the causes of the poor depression in the winter and we are fighting with them.

Why do we feel bad in the winter, a state of depression, no energy for anything? And most importantly, how to fix it?

Lack of sun

The Nordic countries, for all their prosperity, have the highest percentage of people with depression. It's all about the absence of the sun, because it affects the production of vitamin D.

What to do: visit the solarium once a week for 5-6 minutes. Eat more vegetable and fish oils: flax seeds, salmon, cod liver.


Temperature drops

Constant temperature drops: it is cold, then hot, prevent the body from normally maintaining normal life processes. Most of the resources are spent on thermoregulation, so we experience either weakness or irritation.

What to do: Dress for the weather, take care of changeable shoes at work. Temper yourself. A contrast shower every morning will train your body to respond to temperature changes without stress.


After the vitamin summer and autumn, the time comes when there are much fewer vegetables and fruits in the diet.

It is good to lean on tangerines to provide yourself with vitamin C, but you shouldn't forget about other useful vitamins.

What to do:half of the daily diet should be vegetables and fruits. Pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, apples, pomegranates, persimmons, tangerines - all this is inexpensive and available even in winter.


Due to the fact that we are forced to wake up in the dark, plus we drive from work in the dark, our biorhythms perceive what is happening as a deep night. This means that there is simply no energy left for entertainment or, for example, sports.

What to do:Surround yourself with light: Decorate your workplace with lights. Drink green tea to wake up easier - turn on the night light in the morning.

feeling unwell in winter

Dissatisfaction with appearance

In winter, it is natural for the body to gain several kilograms, the hair under the hat deteriorates, the skin becomes weathered and dry. Dissatisfaction with oneself causes an even more depressed state.

What to do: sign up for the pool. It will remind you of summer and tighten your figure. And don't forget to deeply hydrate your skin for a radiant glow all year round.

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