Immunity from rudeness: how to properly respond to rudeness
Immunity from rudeness: how to properly respond to rudeness

One of the best strategies is to ignore boors. But if you want to respond, fend off the attack and still remain a lady.

Before changing, the participants in the reality "From the boy to the lady" (New Channel) are rude to everyone. Sometimes even the teachers of the Lady's School themselves fall under the sharp words of girls. Of course, they immediately suppress such behavior. But you can meet rudeness without being a participant in reality: in transport, at work, in a store …

Right in the heart

There is an opinion that impudence is the second happiness. But happiness cannot be second, it is the only one! He cannot be smitten with aplomb. Do not forget that simple but sincere politeness can work wonders and open hearts towards mutual understanding. But it is easy to respond with politeness to politeness. But what if you run into rudeness? Why should you suddenly have to endure disrespect for yourself? This is more difficult.

girls are fighting

Ham or victim?

A person is rude when he suffers. Even if he doesn't admit it. And instead of taking the position of the offended victim, we must understand that he needs our compassion. And remember that every moment gives us the opportunity to show our best qualities.

How many times, observing the conflicts among our difficult students of the Lady's School, I noticed how relations instantly improve, if someone is silent or responds positively to the negative. It definitely works! Therefore, be polite, love and sympathize with all your soul! I promise that life will shine with new colors for you.

Whether this tactic will help to change the "boys" - watch from March 1 at 19:00 in the reality "From the boy to the lady" on the New channel.

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