First meeting: how not to ruin your acquaintance with your parents and stop being nervous
First meeting: how not to ruin your acquaintance with your parents and stop being nervous

In order to avoid fatal mistakes, try to observe these simple rules and your acquaintance will go with a bang.

Psychologist and host of the Supermama project on the STB channel Dmitry Karpachev told how to relate to the stage of introducing your soulmate to relatives and why this meeting should be exclusively formal.

The Role of Parents in Relationships

I think it is wrong to overestimate the role of parents in relationships. Of course, you need to get to know the relatives of your soul mate, but I don't fully understand why this is so important. If we take this acquaintance very seriously, then we assume that adults, that is, the parents of the chosen one or the chosen one, will somehow influence the future family. But this is not so. Initially, you need to build relationships separately from your parents. And acquaintance with mother and father should be exclusively formal.

Over-focusing on meeting family is a real problem

This story goes back to those ancient times when children were completely dependent on their relatives. And even becoming adults, starting their own families, they still lived at the expense of their parents. This is wrong, because if you are not able to take care of your future family without the help of your parents, there is no point in creating one.

The main thing is that a man and a woman should like and suit each other. And whether the chosen one or the chosen one appeals to the mother or father, this is a secondary question.

girl with a guy on the balcony

Many mothers, hearing this position, might think, “How is this? I mean, shouldn't I like him? " But this is the main idea of ​​adult relationships. They will be complete when the parents are unable to influence the new family.

How to behave when meeting your parents

When meeting your parents, it is very important to show your position. If we are talking about the position of a man, then it is: “I will take care of the family, I will take care of your daughter. And if earlier you solved her problems, now I will do it”.

When a mother sees in front of her a really adult and accomplished man, I think she will lose the desire to treat a couple like children who need to be taught life.

For a girl, the advice is quite simple: you need to please your chosen one. And if suddenly a woman is trying to build a relationship with a man who is greatly influenced by his mother, you should think 10 times whether it is worth doing.

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