Business like a woman: how to build a successful business without sacrificing yourself?
Business like a woman: how to build a successful business without sacrificing yourself?

Women are successful as leaders, it is a common knowledge. History knows many striking examples when talented entrepreneurs achieved great success in business, having only an idea and a desire to develop.

An equally important element of a successful business is finance - it is a powerful material and moral support. Income gives a woman confidence, allows her to value herself, not to get lost in everyday problems, to observe personal boundaries and say no in some situations.

But how, in pursuit of the desired career success, to plan your time and opportunities so as not to offend your beloved partner and children with the lack of proper attention, and yourself beloved - the lack of female joys (proper care, real or online shopping)?

Don't worry! The modern world of opportunities gives us many ways for professional and personal growth, the main thing is to believe in our own strength.

Correct attitude

Women, unlike men, are much more likely to realize their ambitions, because they are guided not only by rationality, but also by intuition. Think about when you feel inspired and willing to take action? Whose examples and achievements motivate you? What qualities are inherent in such people?

For example, determination, energy or tact. Your behavior should be consistent with the chosen goal. Moreover, it should be realistic and achievable in the near future.

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Live the way you like

If you have presented yourself in a certain role, then today it is important to start living as if you have become such a person. This will be followed by a series of changes in terms of habits and choices. For example, you start tracking what resources and where to invest: money, time, effort, etc. But the main thing is not to pretend, but to live in the proposed new realities. Only in this case comes the formation of the psyche for a new way of thinking and acting. If you decide to be what you want and are ready to change your habits, then you are guaranteed success in implementing your plans.

Time management is indispensable

A classic and commonly used time management tool is the Eisenhower Matrix. Each of us can divide our affairs into four blocks: important and urgent: important, but not urgent; not important, but urgent; not important and not urgent. What is most important in this system? You need to strive to close some moments in drawing up an emergency. You need to pay attention to the fact that in your activity there were as many important, but not urgent matters.


For example, make a financial report, take a walk with your child, go to the gym with your loved one, or make an appointment with a doctor. But not important, but not urgent matters - these are tasks that can be delegated. It is best to refuse from not important and not urgent matters. For example, from meetings without purpose and meaning.

Money loves counting

Why do you need to control finances? There are many situations when, due to insufficient control, the company does not develop and receives less profit. And these are even the easiest consequences. In the worst case, the company incurs losses and pays fines.

In times of crisis, the financial issue becomes especially acute. The usual algorithms stop working, the debit does not converge with the credit, there is no accounting system: it is not clear how to carry out the analysis or have to do the accounting on their own, because it is difficult for employees to figure it out.

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At such moments, it is important to get together and build effective schemes, as well as use new tools that will not only allow you to control and plan finances, but also significantly save time that can be devoted to raising children, communicating with your partner and, ultimately, your beloved.

One such tool is FINMAP. This is an online service that is able to fulfill the dream of many business owners - it is clear and convenient to manage financial accounting.

How is the online service convenient?

With you can really save yourself from unexpected troubles. The service allows you to see losses and growth points.In 2-3 months, the system will collect data and show in which direction the company needs to be developed, which cost items should be eliminated.

All actions in the service are minimized. Its implementation takes literally 15 minutes, and all the necessary reports will be available for creation and analysis in one click. At the same time, there is absolutely no need to enter company data into the service. All information, including financial information, is stored on Amazon cloud servers.

A simple interface of an online service, similar to taking into account household finances (three buttons - "income", "expense", "transfer"), allows you to independently control your income and expenses. And thanks to FINMAP's know-how - external accounts - the records are distributed so that professional reports and analytics can be obtained. In fact, there is a chance to save money on an accountant or CFO.

With, you can delegate most of the work. For this, the service provides for different levels of access. Absolutely all employees of the company can create and supplement reports in the service. Moreover, they do not have to have a "financial" education. It is very convenient!

The service allows you to avoid conflicts between partners. Indeed, often only one of them is engaged in the operational management of the company, and the rest, not being engaged in current affairs, gradually cease to understand what is happening and where the money is going. With the help of FINMAP, at the end of each month, it is possible to consider in detail all costs and draw up a strategy for the future.

If it is important to know how much a business is earning, FINMAP will prepare a profit and loss (P&L) statement. If you need to know the company's turnover and the amount of receipts to the account, the CashFlow report will show such information. If you need to see which of the clients still has to pay in addition for the work performed, the accounts receivable report is what you need.

You can see what the service looks like inside and test it for free on the website. The good news is that FINMAP now has a referral program that allows you to get an unlimited number of free months of using the service.

Financial accounting with is an interesting and useful procedure. You will understand this when you analyze your financial situation and see the first results, saving a significant amount after several months of accounting. Delegate the "routine" of calculations to employees, and devote precious free time to yourself, to entertainments with your family or go shopping with your friends.

Turnkey finance

Do you have absolutely no time or employees who would competently and professionally deal with the financial accounting of the company? No problem! You can delegate this task to professional FINMAP analysts. They will do everything to keep you on the pulse, make the right decisions and focus on business development, as well as spend your free time on your personal needs.

Professional financial control is the key to successful company management. Do not postpone the solution of this issue indefinitely! Build more time for yourself and your business with

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