What is victim syndrome and how to deal with it?
What is victim syndrome and how to deal with it?

In relationships with family, friends, work colleagues, and even with ourselves, we appear in a certain role. Whether this role is a victim or a victor depends on individual character traits, upbringing and experience.

There is a type of people for whom everything in life does not go well. Small failures give way to big ones. The whole world seems to be against them. Everyday life does not bring joy. You have to endure unloved work and dead-end relationships.

But in which case it is necessary to wait out the black stripe, and when it is impossible to do this - said Irina Zaitseva. The second deputy director of the School of Lady Reality "From the Boy to the Lady" (New Channel) has been helping women and girls to improve their lives for several years.

Where does the sacrifice come from? ⠀

During individual sessions and in groups, I often hear: “I'm tired of this. I can’t take it anymore. It goes beyond all boundaries. I didn't deserve that. " The problem lies in the fact that we too quickly let people and circumstances into our lives and for too long do not dare to let them go when they bring us discomfort. But being depressed for a long time can cause victim syndrome.

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What is victim syndrome?

It is an acquired personality trait when a person considers himself or herself oppressed by the negative actions of others or circumstances. At the same time, he does not just think so, but also behaves as if he has obvious evidence of this. This behavior is practiced to the point of automatism.

How to get rid of victim syndrome?

Yes, there are situations when you really need to "be patient." They give us incredibly valuable experience and wisdom. Of course, if we manage not to complain about an unfair fate, but to learn lessons and draw constructive conclusions. But if something is categorically unacceptable for you, boldly turn around and confidently knocking your heels away from everything that makes you unhappy and destroys your soul. Whether it's people or events.

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Your life is one, and you do not need to spend it on people and circumstances that add neither happiness nor wisdom. As Erich Maria Remarque wrote: “I like the way beautiful and proud women leave, arrogantly and swiftly tapping their heels and slamming the door. Maybe they then slide down its back side and cry bitterly, but they leave wonderfully …"

It is important to love yourself, and then everything in your life will be wonderful.

What wise advice Irina Zaitseva will share with the students of the Lady School - you will find out in the reality "From the boy to the lady" from March 1 at 19:00 on the New Channel.

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