How to learn to feel happiness: 7 steps to achieving your goal
How to learn to feel happiness: 7 steps to achieving your goal

Truly happy is the one who realizes that happiness is within, that it should not be sought in external phenomena and circumstances. How can you learn to feel like a happy woman under any circumstances? The psychologist answers.

But at the same time, you can have it all and not be happy. Or you can have nothing and feel better than anyone else in the world. There are people who can rejoice, experience happiness just like that, and not because they have something. The reality psychologist "From the Boy to the Lady" (New Channel) will share the steps to achieving happiness.

Money, entertainment, mansions are secondary successes, says the psychologist. - The main thing is to have a special psychological attitude and a positive outlook on life. And this is the inner strength that allows you to maintain a feeling of happiness no matter what.

By the way, you can learn to feel happiness. The main thing is to work on yourself in several directions at once.

Determine your needs, satisfying which, you will experience happiness - Natalia recommends. - Implement them by setting realistic goals. In parallel with this, "pump" your consciousness so that you feel happiness even before reaching these goals and independently of them. So that the feeling of natural happiness complements the feeling that will come after achieving your goals and fulfilling your most cherished desires.

Learning to give thanks

Every morning think about what you are grateful for. Remember good events, joyful minutes spent with loved ones, your victories and achievements. Learn to thank yourself and others. This will immediately help you tune in to the right wave and not think about bad things.

Do not forget about physical activity

Remember the importance of exercise. Choose for yourself those that will be comfortable for you to perform. Do them at least once every two days. And while doing it, do not think that it is difficult, think that thanks to this you become healthier, more beautiful and strong.

Remember walks

Don't forget to take walks. Strengthening blood circulation, saturating the body with oxygen, endorphins and other "hormones of joy" will help you maintain a positive attitude. Well, good health is one of the important components of a happy life.

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Learning to be helpful

Try to do something useful every day. Both for yourself and for those around you. And you don't need to play Bruce Willis right away and save the whole world. Just pay attention to the people around you and help them when you see that help is really needed.

A sense of your own worth will help you deal with disappointments in yourself, lift your spirits and give the same feeling of happiness. People who constantly do something important are much less likely to be unhappy compared to those who just "go with the flow" and think only about how to eat and drink and satisfy some of their materialistic needs.

We do what we love

Favorite business, hobby - that's what you need. An activity that will bring joy and pleasure from the process itself. Look for what you like and have fun doing it.

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Looking for a hobby for the soul

Truly happy is the one who was able to find both a job and a hobby for the soul. And it's better if work is a hobby, that is, everyday hobby has also become a wonderful way to provide for oneself financially.

Surrounding ourselves with the right people

Despite the fact that a person can become happy on his own, only due to his perception of the world, he is still better when someone is around. An ancient wisdom says: "And living alone in paradise is boring." Surround yourself with people you are interested in and around whom you feel positive emotions. Well, do not skimp on love yourself either.

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