Motivation for losing weight: how to force yourself to lose weight if there is no willpower
Motivation for losing weight: how to force yourself to lose weight if there is no willpower

If you cannot consolidate the achieved results in any way and the arrow of the scales throws you back into the past, reconsider your motivation. It may be time to strengthen it.

Do you put a lot of energy into the process of losing weight, dieting, subjecting yourself to grueling workouts, giving up your favorite treats, but you can't achieve a sustainable result? Then it is worth checking your motivation, because three-quarters of the success of any business depend on this psychological trick. It is motivation, that is, the desire, the desire to succeed in their endeavors, that activates the production of "activity hormones" - adrenaline and norepinephrine.

These hormones increase muscle tone and switch our metabolism to a diet of fat reserves. As a result, the body begins to draw fatty acids from adipose tissue, and glucose from glycogen stores, thus significantly reducing the need for food. True motivation is like falling in love when we do our best to please, what kind of food is there! For a woman who is properly motivated to lose weight, dietary restrictions, regular training and other requirements accompanying this difficult process do not seem to be something terrible. Ease, inspiration, faith in success - this is what will certainly lead you to the desired result.

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External incentives

In order not to leave the weight loss race, women most often warm up their desire to win in the fight against excess fat reserves by external stimuli. And it really works!

Good incentives

Being overweight often entails many inconveniences and limitations that a curvaceous woman must put up with. For example, you are forced to buy and wear mostly the clothes that suit you, and not the one that you like. If you decide to change your status and enter the category of "slim women", go to the store, take the things you like most to the fitting room and try on them. It didn't work out - don't be upset! Buy a beautiful thing one size smaller and promise yourself to show off in front of your friends and colleagues soon.

The desire to look beautiful will certainly help you lose a few pounds quickly enough. And gradually you will be able to completely change your monotonous dull wardrobe for a fashionable and stylish one. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! You can think of a new exciting journey: relax in a ski resort, kayak down the river, climb a mountain peak. Anticipation of the impressions that you can get from such a vacation will help you overcome inertia, laziness and the desire to indulge your weaknesses. Do not be lazy, come up with inspiring incentives, and the process of parting with extra pounds will stop slipping and go easier.

Why do incentives fail?

External stimuli for losing weight work very well at "short distances", but it is quite difficult to achieve a radical solution to the problem in order to permanently lose weight with their help. The stimuli are very quickly addictive, then they stop working. I did not have time to come up with a new stimulus, as I already broke off the diet, gave up training - and the weight began to grow again.

When such breakdowns occur often, you gradually lose faith in yourself and the desire to lose weight weakens. This suggests that your inner, deep motivation for losing weight has been lost.

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Keep motivated

No matter how much you repeat mental attitudes like “I want to fit into a tight dress”, “I dream of receiving compliments from men,” real motivation will not appear. A motive cannot be invented - it comes from the subconscious, that is, from a true vital need. Therefore, for successful weight loss, you must really feel that you need it, and then start taking care that the current moments do not drown out the voice of your true needs.

Why should I lose weight?

First, understand this issue. If you just want to achieve success with others in this way, you will not be enough for long. Very soon you will get tired and decide: "Let them love me the way I am."

It's another matter if you wonder what harm excess body fat does to your health, feel how much you steal from your life, indulging your weaknesses - then the deep instincts of survival will wake up that will help you change.

Take care of the dominant

In neurophysiological terms, motivation is a dominant, that is, a focus of excitation in the cerebral cortex. Such foci arise constantly and for any reason, for some time subordinating to their interests all the vital activity of the organism. But we have a lot of desires, so dominants change at a tremendous speed.

As soon as you presented yourself with the figure of your dreams and began to act in this direction, you have already switched to the desire to enjoy your favorite dessert. So, your task is to consciously support the dominant that is most important to you.

Constantly remind yourself of your deepest goal: write notes to your loved one and leave them in a conspicuous place, hang magnets on this topic on the refrigerator, weigh yourself daily, keep a food diary. Don't let the dominant fade away, and your dreams of an ideal figure will come true!

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  • Change your dynamic stereotypes

To lose weight, you need to change your habits (in scientific terms, dynamic stereotypes). For example, I came home - I had a hearty dinner - I ate some sweets - I lay down on the sofa - this is a program written in the neurons of the brain. It takes effort to change it. Psychologists say that in order to change a habit, it is necessary for about three weeks to consciously force yourself to take steps towards the formation of a new dynamic stereotype (for example: came home from work - had a light dinner - went out for a walk). But if you get real pleasure from new actions, then the habit will form much faster. Don't be formal about what you are doing, enjoy the process of change!


Weight loss diary - this is where most nutritionists advise to begin with nutritional control, which is necessary for successful weight loss. Nowadays, a food diary can be kept not only the old fashioned way - in a notebook, but also online, which will help you find psychological support and new friends. Keeping such a diary, be sure to indicate the names of the foods that you eat during the day, the weight of the portion and its calorie content. In addition, analyze and write down why this or that food was eaten, why you stepped back from the diet, if this happened.

It will help you learn to distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger and get rid of cravings for food just like that, unnecessarily. How long does it take to keep a food diary? There are people for whom it becomes a necessity for life. But if you have learned to control yourself without notes, stopped overeating and know exactly how many calories are in a particular dish on your menu, then you don't have to keep a diary, simply calculating the energy value of new dishes for yourself if necessary.

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