The energy of life: how to make it so that you feel cheerful and happy every day
The energy of life: how to make it so that you feel cheerful and happy every day

How to make the morning bring cheerfulness and joy? So that the feeling of being overwhelmed disappears, and the mood does not depend on the weather. We know the answers and are ready to share with you.

Why do we often complain about feeling unwell, find it difficult to get up in the morning, hardly find the strength to get down to work? It turned out that the matter is not only in the length of daylight hours and prolonged cold weather (if it is winter outside the window). We turned to specialists who helped find the causes of depression and revealed the secrets of well-being.

Little tricks to tone up

What can help you to cheer up if you feel overwhelmed and sleepy in the morning?

Fresh will do the best with this. For example, mixed: from pieces of pumpkin and apple. Or celery and carrots. A light breakfast will give you the energy you need and normalize your condition quickly and efficiently. But with such a state of health, it is better to refuse heavy food - fish, meat, eggs.

If coffee is your first way to shake things up, do not forget that the drink is useful only in the morning. Caffeine remains in the body for about 10-12 hours, so a cup of coffee drunk after dinner can lead to a violation of biorhythms, and then insomnia is guaranteed for you.

To cheer up, drink ginger tea instead of coffee, adding lemon and 1 tsp. honey.

In winter and spring, there are not so many seasonal products left, but for good health, the body needs the right fats, complex carbohydrates. Therefore, walnuts, rosehip broth, milk thistle oil, linseed and sesame oils should be introduced into the diet. And also carrots, beets and sauerkraut.

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The reason for fatigue is in the plate

It's no secret that your health depends on what you eat. Therefore, the connection between nutrition and the appearance of a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness during the day is the most direct. Closer to spring, our diet becomes less and less vitamins and minerals (for example, iron). In addition, we are in no hurry to replenish stocks, choosing semi-finished products instead of sources of nutrients.

  • If you constantly experience a state of weakness, eat 5 walnuts and ½ pomegranate for 7-10 days. This way you can replenish the iron stores in your body.
  • Instead of cookies and sweets, choose the following foods for snacks between meals:

First snack (breakfast 2) - complex carbohydrates

For example, apples, sharons, citrus fruits. Dried fruits are also good. Carbohydrates in the morning are good fuel for our metabolic system. There is such an expression: "Fats burn in the flame of complex carbohydrates." And if in the morning we create such a flame, then we not only give the body the necessary energy, but also get rid of excess fat.

Second snack (after lunch) - proteins

Low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts. In the afternoon, the body's ability to utilize carbohydrates decreases. And the foods chosen for the second snack will not give us an excess of such carbohydrates. Therefore, if we are not indifferent to not only the general condition, but also the weight, it should be remembered that fruits for an evening snack will not work.

Snack 3 (usually already at home after dinner) - you can eat ½ pomegranate.

Stop feeding stress

Sticking to trouble is definitely a bad habit. But it has completely physiological reasons.When we are nervous, the adrenal glands release stress hormones into the bloodstream. And if we start to absorb sweets, they are stored as fat, and hormones like a magnet keep stress in the body.

Instead of buns, cookies or sweets, it is better to drink a soothing tea with mint or lemon balm, adding 1 tsp. honey.

With age, the body produces less hormones and protein substances. This means that our need for protein and fats decreases. In addition, the ability to utilize simple sugars is reduced. This is another reason why you should try to consume fewer candies, rolls and cookies.

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Take 55 minutes

Exercise at least five times a week. On other days free from training, be sure to walk. At the same time, it is not so much the time that you spend with the exercises that is important, but the effectiveness of their implementation. The famous cardiac surgeon Nikolai Amosov advised to make such efforts during training to sweat so that the pulse doubles (if there are no contraindications), then 20-30 minutes a day is enough for training.

One of the simplest exercise machines is a jump rope. Exercises with it perfectly warm up the muscles of the body, improve coordination of movements and help get rid of excess weight. 20-30 minutes of training burns up to 300 calories and increases the amount of joy hormones. And they will undoubtedly cheer you up.

After 35 years, women (especially those who are prone to overweight) often complain about the appearance of extra pounds. Even if food intake decreases, weight still increases. The reason often lies in hormones. At this age, the amount of female hormones gradually decreases, which in turn causes a decrease in the metabolic rate. To increase it, do not forget about physical activity.

What should you eat before and after your workout?

So that physical activity does not lead to fatigue and loss of strength, you should adhere to the following dietary rules.

An hour and a half before class, there should be a mandatory meal, which will start the metabolism and make the workout more effective. These are carbohydrates - vegetables, fruits, or whole grains. For example, porridge, fresh, vegetable salad. Beets, carrots, pumpkin are those foods that will give energy to the body.

After training, we need to nourish muscle tissue, "build" hormones, and renew skin cells. This requires amino acids, which are found in proteins. And for dinner, you need to choose light protein, which is found in dairy and fermented milk products. You can eat cottage cheese, rennet cheeses. And also eggs, fish, seafood are suitable.

Don't choose red meat for dinner. It takes about 8 hours to digest and puts a lot of stress on the digestive system. And if we talk about its effectiveness for metabolism and the appearance of amino acids necessary after training, then red meat in this case works poorly and for a long time.

Don't forget about water

Fatigue, headache, weakness - this is not the whole list of conditions that indicate that the body does not have enough water. She participates in the assimilation of substances around the clock. Carbohydrates work best in the morning, proteins work best in the evening, and water always works well. For every kilogram of weight, there should be 30 ml of liquid. But it is not recommended to drink carbonated water either during physical activity or during rest.

First, the gases irritate the stomach lining and contribute to increased appetite. Secondly, carbonated drinks are not good for metabolism. The rule of drinking water is necessarily 1 glass 30 minutes before meals.

Thus, we prepare our digestive organs and improve metabolism, because any biochemical reaction in the body is effective only in the presence of water.

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We care about beauty

Appearance is a great indicator of how we are feeling. And dissatisfaction with oneself, in turn, can cause psychological discomfort.

Poor complexion, poor condition of hair and nails are the result of the consumption of certain foods, due to which microcirculation of blood in the vessels is disrupted, which directly affects how we look.

  • simple sugars: sugar, white flour, beer - that is, those foods that belong to the category of "bad" carbohydrates - create a kind of resort for fungi on the tissues;
  • a large number of caffeinated drinks (especially if caffeine is combined with sugar);
  • food chemistry: dyes, preservatives, flavorings.

For healthy and elastic skin, you can create a lifting effect with products containing high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These include seafood. In addition, the diet should be high in zinc and biotin. Their sources are beans and eggs. When using these products, the combination of nutrients increases the effectiveness of the result.

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