Instructions: TOP-5 rules that should not be broken on the first date
Instructions: TOP-5 rules that should not be broken on the first date

The first date is quite an important event in the development of a relationship.

On the first date, you always want to make an impression, so that later all your life you will remember where you met, what you talked about, what you were wearing, what flowers he gave. To make a good impression on your first date, try to follow a few simple rules.

First date invitation

The date must come from a man. It is the man who takes the first step towards developing a relationship. It is worthwhile to think over the route and the cafe in which you are ready to treat your darling in advance.

If you choose a cafe or restaurant for the first meeting, but are not aware of the taste preferences of your soul mate, then it would be better to choose a place that has a classic menu and cuisine from other countries.

When the girl accepted the invitation, she must be where she agreed to go. Your absence cannot be excused by anything other than illness, the death of a family member, or a sudden and inevitable departure.

boy and girl on a date

Dress code on the first date

Dress code is an integral part of any event. Choose the appropriate outfit depending on where the date will take place. The main rule is not to experiment.

Dress modestly and stylishly at the same time. It is not clothing that adorns a person, but he decorates her. It is necessary to make a choice not in favor of fashionable, but comfortable, high-quality and elegant things.

Remember that relevance is a key characteristic of the look.

Punctuality on the first date

A man should never be late for a meeting. It is better to be in place already in 10-15 minutes. If a girl comes on a date beautiful - who will be upset that she is late?

A lady, unlike a man, can afford to linger a little. The allowed limit of delay is 5-10 minutes. If you are 15 minutes late, it is advisable to notify your partner about this.

If you are interested in a man, then why make him wait for you?

And talk?

Remember that dating values ‚Äč‚Äčinterest in the other person: the ability to ask questions about his life and listen.

Taboo Topics on the First Date:

  • Politics;
  • Religion;
  • Diseases;
  • Material condition;
  • Former;
  • Joint plans for the future.
boy and girl on a date

Good conversation is like playing tennis: you pass the ball to each other every now and then, and how long your conversation lasts depends on how often you pass each other. Start your conversation with simple small talk.

Top Conversation Topics:

  • Art;
  • Hobby;
  • Trips;
  • The place you are in;
  • You can share vivid impressions of your trips, what places you have visited, what you saw, what new things you learned.

Every time you communicate with a stranger, you are given a great opportunity to develop and grow. Therefore, instead of worrying, approach this process with passion.


Flowers are just a nice sign; gifts are inappropriate on a first date. The phone should not be on the table. It is disrespectful to talk on the phone at the table, shoot stories and flip through the feed of social networks. Thank you for the time together.

Knowledge of the rules of modern etiquette allows you to feel comfortable in any life situation. Mutual respect is the foundation of a strong relationship.

Your Maru.

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