Taboo: what procedures should you avoid during your period?
Taboo: what procedures should you avoid during your period?

We have all encountered the irony and humor of men about our mood on the eve of menstruation. After all, the reason for everything is hormonal imbalance, and not our capriciousness, irritability or eccentricity, as most men think.

When we are healthy, in love, cheerful and active, the symptoms of PMS are so minor that many do not even feel them. But there are factors that complicate the normal production of hormones and then there is every chance of turning into an evil shrew or crybaby for this period.

Therefore, you should not abuse excessive physical activity, sit for a long time on the most severe diet and turn your life into continuous stress. We are learning to generate positive and cheerfulness so that they, in turn, generate the hormones of happiness that our fragile female body needs so much.

Take a break from stress

But all these are general recommendations, but what is definitely better to avoid during this special period of our life is: heavy physical exertion on the first day of menstruation, so as not to provoke profuse bleeding.

Bath and sauna

Taking a bath is also not a good idea during this period. It is better to replace it with a warm shower, hygiene must be observed especially carefully. The bath should also be discarded, since any excessive heating of the body and excess loss of water can worsen the state of health.


Be careful with cosmetic procedures

Some cosmetic procedures, for example, waxing, hair removal or tattooing are good to postpone to a more convenient time. Botox injections are also at risk. Firstly, due to the change in hormonal levels, it is impossible to say exactly how everything will go in your particular case. And secondly, the number of bruises and the time for rehabilitation will increase significantly. Scientists have already proven that on such days the perception of pain increases and we are much more sick than on any other day of the month.

Face cleaning

Cosmetologists do not recommend cleaning your face during your period when you are in this period. Temporary hormonal changes often cause irritation or peeling of the skin, sometimes rashes changing the usual skin type. Why annoy her even more with all sorts of procedures? Moreover, in most cases, by the end of the cycle, the problem disappears by default, and with it the bad mood.


Don't lie under the knife

If you have planned surgery, it is much more expedient to schedule it at the end of your menstrual period. After all, any operation is a loss of blood. Yes, and coagulation we have these days is special, and immunity - that generally falls.

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