7 exercises to improve performance
7 exercises to improve performance

To give your brain the recharge it needs to be more productive, use our helpful and effective tips.

These exercises will be useful for those who want to become more successful in their work, increase concentration, relieve stress, strengthen memory and other cognitive functions.

Walk more

Walking stimulates the imagination and creativity. It will set you up for out-of-the-box thinking and a free wandering brain mode, in which insight and new ideas usually come.

Sign up for yoga

Yoga teaches the intentional control of one's movements and breathing to relax the body. After a few weeks of daily yoga practice, you will be able to cope with stress, fear and anxiety more easily.

Drink water

Water fills the blood cells with oxygen, which reduces the stress on the heart and lungs. For an efficient and energetic state, it is necessary to replenish water supplies.


Brain buttons

With one hand, massage the indentations between the first and second ribs on the left and right under the collarbones. At this time, the second hand is on the navel. When the movements become familiar, you need to add eye tracking to them from left to right and vice versa. The head does not move at the same time. Change hands and repeat the exercise. Thanks to this, you will better perceive information, reduce stress and improve eye function.

Do not overeat

If you have done this more than once, then, most likely, you have noticed that after overeating, strength begins to leave the body and you want to sleep. Heavy snacking is not the best way to improve your performance.

Take breaks

Try to take a break from work every 2 hours. Our brain works much easier when it periodically switches. Walk around the office, or if you work from home, do some stretching.


Don't burden yourself with negativity

A couple of hours before bed, try not to look or read anything aggressive. Otherwise, you will deprive yourself of a quiet rest and the next day you will be broken, from which your performance will significantly decrease.

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