TOP 5 tips on how to stay in a good mood no matter what
TOP 5 tips on how to stay in a good mood no matter what

We learn to look for the positive in everything together with the supermodel and presenter Alla Kostromicheva.

Have you celebrated the New Year in a fun and tasty way and don’t want to return to workdays? Then urgently pay attention to the advice on how to maintain a good mood from Alla Kostromicheva, a world-renowned model and host of the New Channel project "Super Top Model in Ukrainian".


Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual and devote this time to being at one with yourself. Brush your teeth and drink some water. Just watch your breathing and let go of any thoughts that arise in your head.

Motivational literature

Even books like "Don't Noah" can change your attitude towards things.

Alla Kostromicheva


Pay attention to anything positive and say thank you. Got an adequate taxi driver - say "thank you". It turned out to be a delicious dinner - say thank you.

Caring for others

Create a positive atmosphere around you. Compliment other people, write positive comments, give gifts! So you will cheer up not only those around you, but also yourself.

Alla Kostromicheva

Do not be enchanted so as not to be disappointed

Don't anticipate, scroll, and expect wow. Just live and be in the moment. How? See point 1.

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