How to exercise for hypertension: 5 simple trainer tips
How to exercise for hypertension: 5 simple trainer tips

If you have hypertension, but you want to lose weight and stay in shape, then the advice of coach Valeria Ivashchenko will help you improve your condition and lead a healthy lifestyle.

How to train properly with high blood pressure, we learned from the coach of BodyArt fitness Valeria Ivashchenko. Many doctors advise against exercising for people with hypertension (high blood pressure). In principle, they are right. After all, any physical activity increases blood pressure. This means that there is a risk of exacerbation and a sharp deterioration in health.

But you can still train. Fitness at home or exercising in the gym will help reduce blood pressure in the future. Indeed, during classes, you train the vessels. They become more elastic over time. And this is a good prerequisite for lowering blood pressure.


The common high blood pressure symptoms I've seen in training are headaches and dizziness. Therefore, if you systematically develop these symptoms while playing sports, check your blood pressure.

Basic rules for hypertension:

  • Avoid eating sugars or sugary foods before exercise. Any sugary food increases blood pressure. And this can cause exacerbation.
  • Start your workout with leg exercises. By training your legs, you are directing a large amount of blood to your lower body. Therefore, the first 2 - 4 exercises should be on your feet.
  • Avoid drinking a lot of water during your workout. That is, not in one gulp and not in large quantities. Even one glass of water can be drunk with short breaks.
  • Reduce the intensity of your workouts. The higher the training intensity, the higher your heart rate. And the higher your heart rate, the higher the pressure. Therefore, training is best done in a separate method.
  • Avoid exercises in which the head is below the body.

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