Hair loss treatment: all the ways to deal with the problem and their results
Hair loss treatment: all the ways to deal with the problem and their results

Every Sunday in the new issues of the large-scale medical project “I am losing my tila” on the STB TV channel, doctors are fighting for the lives and health of Ukrainians.

A huge number of people in our country complain about hair problems, especially hair loss. Ekaterina Bezvershenko and Valery Oslavsky conducted an experiment and found out which method of combating hair loss is effective and which one is useless.

Ekaterina Bezvershenko conducted a survey among Ukrainians about the health of their hair. The majority answered that they were suffering from their loss.

All comers were examined by a trichologist and then, for 2 months, they tested three ways to combat hair loss - shampoo, folk remedies and a medicine.


The doctors themselves Ekaterina Bezvershenko and Valery Oslavsky, having undergone a primary dermatoscopy, experienced radical injection methods that stimulate hair growth - plasma therapy and mesotherapy.

Plasma therapy is an injection therapy that involves the subcutaneous injection of platelet-rich plasma from the patient's own blood. It was checked by Ekaterina Bezvershenko


Katya's venous blood was placed in a special centrifuge, in which platelet-rich plasma was separated. The finished material was injected under the scalp. The course included 4 procedures.

Mesotherapy is a method of medicine that involves injecting vitamins under the skin. minerals and amino acids. Valery Oslavsky took a course of 4 such procedures


Upon completion, the doctors returned to the dermatology clinic for the results. If before that Ekaterina Bezvershenko's hair condition was good, then thanks to the procedure it improved. Both the trichologist and Catherine herself noted that the hair became thicker, more elastic and healthy.

Valery Oslavsky's procedures also gave a positive result - hair began to fall out less, became thicker.

Hair loss treatments

Patients who fought with three other methods also received survey conclusions.

The most popular shampoo with caffeine and zinc pyrithione against hair loss, which promised a miraculous effect, did not give any results.

Folk methods - burdock oil, beer and honey - improved the condition of the scalp and influenced the quality of the hair, but did not help to get rid of hair loss. If you want to improve your hair, then grandmother's methods will help you. The main thing is not to use foods that you are allergic to.


Medicinal product with active ingredient minoxidil stimulated hair growth and increased their number. But in no case should you take a medication on your own, but only after after a doctor's appointment.

As a result, mesotherapy and plasma therapy showed the best results, but compared to other methods, they are much more expensive and more painful.

If you are unhappy with the condition of your hair, there is a way out. Which method is right for you, only a doctor-trichologist can tell.

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