Treatment with fun: how to choose a good sanatorium for your child
Treatment with fun: how to choose a good sanatorium for your child

Summer is a time of rest and recovery.

The coronavirus made changes to the work of health institutions - the sanatoriums did not accept children. But from June 10, they will gradually resume work. What awaits the kids in the sanatoriums - New Channel showed in the release of "Secret Agent".

Journalist Nicoletta Bokshan worked undercover at a children's health facility, and three boys disappeared on her shift.

We searched for them in the forest for 10 minutes. And they found it already behind the railroad tracks. The boys themselves crossed the railroad to buy cigarettes!

- the journalist recalls.


Her colleague Kristina Pasichnyk walked into the territory of the sanatorium without any problems and even got into the children's room. None of the staff stopped her. So how do you choose a health facility where your child will be safe?

You need to make sure that the sanatorium is under reliable security. In such an institution, at each entrance there is a guard in a special uniform, he checks the documents, finds out the reason for the visit and sends them to the emergency department.

- says Christina.

how to choose a health resort

It is also advisable that adults do a rapid coronavirus test before visiting children and not be allowed into the territory without a mask.

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