16 magical properties of vitamin E for the female body that will surprise you
16 magical properties of vitamin E for the female body that will surprise you

Vitamin E is the most powerful antioxidant, and here's why.

This vitamin is also called the female vitamin, because it retains youth and attractiveness. It also helps restore hair.

What is useful

Vitamin E is extremely beneficial for women. Because it helps to solve so many problems. Firstly, it relieves premenstrual syndrome, can be a good prevention of breast diseases, and normalizes hormonal levels.


Secondly, it prevents the aging of skin cells and, as a result, the appearance of age spots in old age. It also helps the absorption of vitamin A.

In addition, vitamin E compensates for the lack of estrogen during menopause. And it provides sex drive.

The effects of this vitamin have a very beneficial effect on the skin - they soften, moisturize, and regenerate. Therefore, vitamin E is very often added to various creams and other cosmetic products.

A few more beneficial properties for general health: it normalizes blood pressure, prevents blood clots, neutralizes the effects of chemicals, and strengthens the immune system. Vitamin E is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease, and delivers oxygen to tissues.

Where is contained

Most of the pure vitamin E is found in spinach and broccoli. Therefore, it is better to make smoothies from these products, rather than subject to heat treatment. Then the vitamin will enter the body in its pure form.


There is also a lot of vitamin E in almonds, sunflower oil, kiwi, mango and sunflower seeds.

Daily intake of vitamin E

The fact is that the body needs a vitamin every day. The average daily intake is 30 milligrams. But in many ways it depends on age, health and gender. For example, children need 5-14 milligrams. Depending on the age.


But for adult men and women - 20-30 milligrams. And there are no contraindications for pregnant and lactating women. Moreover, they need an increased dose of Vitamin E per day - from 15 to 30 milligrams. In general, choose from the products what you love the most, and go ahead. You can eat, for example, 200 grams per day of almonds and you will get the daily requirement of pure vitamin E.

Exceeding the dose may cause allergies, nausea, diarrhea, and a slight increase in blood pressure.

If the body does not have enough vitamin E, then the skin condition worsens, small wrinkles and age spots appear. Hair becomes brittle and dry. The mood is getting worse. Physical fatigue, lethargy, and apathy appear. Problems with the stomach and intestines may begin. The reproductive function of the body also suffers from the lack of this vitamin.


For hair, vitamin E is the best remedy. It helps to cope with hair loss and split ends. And also this vitamin enhances hair growth if it is regularly rubbed into the roots.


Nowadays, many hair products contain vitamin E. But masks can be made on their own by simply buying this vitamin at the pharmacy.

The only thing is not recommended for use if there are wounds on the scalp, for chronic kidney and liver diseases.

The simplest thing is to add 5 drops of vitamin E to the shampoo or hair conditioner you regularly use.

If you want to get confused, then a very effective hair mask that regenerates and reduces hair loss - based on coconut oil. Add one ampoule of vitamin E to coconut oil (it should not be frozen in a 150 gram jar).Heat the mixture and rub a little into the crown of the head with massaging movements and distribute along the entire length.


Cover your head with a warm kerchief. And leave it for an hour and a half. It will take a very long time to wash off. But this must be done carefully so that there is no effect of oily hair.

Another great mask with vitamin E perfectly nourishes hair and enhances growth.

It is necessary to mix in equal proportions petroleum jelly, glycerin and vitamin E. Apply with massage movements on the scalp and distribute over the curls. And leave for half an hour. Wash off thoroughly with regular shampoo. It is enough to do these masks 1-2 times a week.

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