How to get a man to act: 7 tips that work
How to get a man to act: 7 tips that work

With the help of psychology and little tricks, you can attract male attention to your person and make a man run after you. Here's how to do it.

Every woman has wisdom and can push a man she likes to take action. He himself will start to show interest if you follow these recommendations.

Keep balance in your own actions

The first one does not meet, I never call myself, I will not show interest, inaccessibility is my middle name … A huge number of women forbid themselves any initiative in a relationship. When a man does not feel the return, he may lose interest and switch to another object.

There is another bias - when a woman acts aggressively and takes a man “into circulation”. With such behavior, she attracts men with a weak spirit.

To keep everything in order, observe the golden rule - no more than 20% activity on the part of a woman at the start of a relationship. Then it is worth transferring the initiative into men's hands.

Step forward - two steps back

Every time after you have taken the initiative, return it to the man. Any activity you make must be followed by his turn. Every man is a hunter at heart, so he will gladly join this game.

Use body language

Femininity manifests itself not only in words, but also in how a woman presents herself. Gait, facial expressions, gestures - all this affects her perception by men. Body language is sometimes more informative than ordinary speech. Therefore, move smoothly and as gently as possible.

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Talk about desires

To do this, I recommend using encouraging phrases. They subtly guide you towards what you would like to receive from a man. Such phrases are said, as it were, by the way. For example, "What a great weekend it would be to the theater." You don’t offer to go to the theater, you don’t ask to buy tickets, but you give a direction of action without pointing or coercing.

Picture drawing technique

Let me give you an example: “Imagine that we are not far from the seashore, have breakfast on an open terrace with snow-white tablecloths and enjoy a warm breeze. We have fruits, toasts and freshly brewed aromatic coffee on our table. We are looking at stunning landscapes. " The more interesting and emotional the picture is, the better. A man will definitely want to recreate her in reality.

Stay a mystery

Do not reveal yourself completely - something must remain in you that will support the man's interest in you. Amaze him, let him constantly open new facets in you. For example, stop the story at the most interesting place and suddenly remember that you need to make an urgent call. And then leave, referring to the deeds, but promise to tell everything next time.

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Give thanks

It goes without saying that a man has a responsibility to invite you on dates, pay the restaurant bill and court you, but don't take it for granted. Thank him sincerely for everything he does. There is never a lot of gratitude.

I wish you wisdom! Be gentle and resourceful to steer your partner in the right direction. He will definitely lead you along. Happiness and love to you!

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