How to choose a bathroom mirror: step by step instructions
How to choose a bathroom mirror: step by step instructions

What is the main attribute in the bathroom? Bathroom? But no. The main thing for a girl in the bathroom is a mirror.

How to choose a bathroom mirror that is perfect? Follow simple tips.

Choose the right size


Many people think that large mirrors can only be installed in large rooms. But this is not entirely true. The thing is that a large mirror visually makes the room larger. Therefore, it can be placed in any bathroom if you want it.

So … let your imagination run wild and understand, mirror, what size you want.

Think about the location of the mirror


Traditionally, the mirror is placed above the washbasin. And you might think that it could not be otherwise. Of course it is not.

Consider placing two small mirrors in your bathroom. So that one is traditionally above the washbasin, and the other is somewhere else. Designers assure that this approach can make the interior of your bathtub many times more interesting.

Consider if you need to save space


If you have a small bathroom, you need to choose a mirror with additional shelves, or think about a cabinet with a mirror. Thus, you will save space in the bathroom, and all the jars will hide in the looking glass.

If you've made the decision to have two mirrors in your bathroom, consider having one with shelves and one without.

Important: you also need to decide whether the mirror will have a built-in illumination or you can do without it.

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