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What to take with you on a trip: a checklist for travelers
What to take with you on a trip: a checklist for travelers

The hosts of the New Channel Nastya Koshman and Olya Manko shared life hacks for traveling light.

In the fall, the New Channel will show how these two fragile girls will master different professions in exotic countries in the reality TV show Who Has More? In order for the shooting to take place, they carefully prepared for the journey. But sometimes there were also bad things.

Therefore, at the training camp, the girls ate the dog. And they know what to think about in advance and what may not be useful.

Insurance and vaccinations

You should take care of your health at home. To do this, take out medical insurance, because if something happens, treatment in a foreign country can result in a pretty penny. It is not worth saving on insurance. Don't need her. But it will be better with you.

If you are flying to exotic countries - African or Asian, then first of all you need to resume all mandatory vaccinations. And also to do from those diseases that are not typical for Ukraine, but circulate in the country where you are traveling

- Olya Manko advises.


The essentials are in your carry-on baggage

Travelers usually try to leave as few things as possible on hand luggage. But the presenters "Who has more?" another scheme. After all, they know that sometimes luggage doesn't arrive with you. And you can literally be left without clean linen.

Throw one set of underwear, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a powerbank, and a minimum set of cosmetics into your hand luggage. Also take a pack of wet and dry wipes, sunscreen, sanitizer and some masks.

- says Nastya Koshman.

help yourself

Even if you have health insurance, take a minimum first aid kit with you. Put in there sore throat pills, antipyretic drugs, patches, indigestion medications, and nose drops.

I had a case when I went on a winter tour and caught a cold on Catholic Christmas. On this day in Krakow, where we stayed, all pharmacies were closed. I could not buy simple paracetamol - bring down the temperature. And prayed that the next day they would open

- recalls Olya.


Maps and translator

If you plan to travel on your own in a foreign country, take care of the presence of a map in your gadgets, or take a paper one, although this is not so convenient.

Clothes for every day

During the flight, it is important that there is no excess baggage. Otherwise you will have to pay. How to pack your suitcase correctly and avoid an unpleasant situation?

It is important not to collect a lot of clothes and not to have few of them. For this I have my own packaging scheme. For example, I'm going to the sea for a week. I count on one set of clothes a day, plus two additional sets for the beach. Another life hack - so that there is no overweight of luggage, take shorts or a skirt, and several T-shirts with them, so you get few clothes and a lot of images

- Olga smiles.

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