Basic makeup bag for the summer: top 4 products you need
Basic makeup bag for the summer: top 4 products you need

Participant of "Top Models in Ukrainian" (New Channel) Yulia Dykhan shared her list of must-haves during the summer heat.

In the summer, your cosmetic bag needs a revision more than ever - the products that you applied to your face three months ago may not suit your skin at all and only harm it.

But there are four products that you definitely can't do without in the summer: Yulia Dykhan, a participant in the second season of the project "Top Model in Ukrainian", spoke about them.

I can safely recommend Korean cosmetics to you, as I use them myself. The main thing is that it is really high quality, besides, it is inexpensive.

- says Julia.

Yulia Dykhan

Sunscreen SPF 50+ for face

As you know, tanning ages the skin. So if you want to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, do not leave the house in the summer without a cream with SPF 50+. By the way, in autumn and winter, you also need to use a cream with SPF, but already with a value of 15-30.

Sunscreen SPF 50+ for face

Eye patches

This miracle remedy in just 20 minutes helps to remove puffiness, lighten dark circles under the eyes, smooth wrinkles and remove all signs of fatigue. At the same time, you do not need to spend a lot of time on applying patches - stick them during breakfast and combine business with pleasure.

Eye patches

Eyebrow Gel & Lip Gloss

In summer, the skin especially needs to be cleansed and hydrated, so forget about aggressive makeup. Moreover, styled eyebrows and moist lips really look much better than "war paint".

Gel for eyebrows

And to make your face look perfect without makeup and foundation, do not forget to take proper care of it.

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