Is it true or not? Busting Popular Myths About Cosmetics
Is it true or not? Busting Popular Myths About Cosmetics

There are so many cosmetics that your head is spinning … Which one is better to choose organic, natural, or maybe Korean?

We decided to help you figure it out and dispel a couple of popular myths about beauty products.

SLS SLES - Dangerous

All these horror stories about the harm of SLS are very exaggerated. SLS SLES are surfactants that help shampoos and shower gels cleanse. In recent years, a lot of horror stories have been added about them that they are dangerous, can cause terrible itching and irritation. They can, but if you do not wash them off for more than a day.

Hardly anyone leaves shampoo on their hair. Their concentration in the funds is so small that they cannot do the harm that is attributed to them. Of course, they are not suitable for all people. Someone may have a negative reaction to SLS shampoo just like any other product.

Coconut oil

All natural is the best

If this were the case, then the counters with cosmetics have long been empty. Yes, sometimes making a mask with coconut oil or aloe is a great idea. But do not replace everything handmade with jars … After all, it is the 21st century. Chemists and dermatologists are not in vain working on the creation of care products. In production, everything is as safe and sterile as possible.

At home, you definitely will not achieve this. Therefore, such cosmetics are heaven for bacteria. And don't be surprised then, where did you get that pimple … Natural cosmetics can also cause allergies due to essential oils in their composition.

Korean cosmetics are cooler than the rest

She's really cool, all these cute jars … But there is one "but". Our skin type and Asian skin are very different. In Asians, the skin is tighter and prone to breakouts. Now, don't be surprised why Korean foam dries your face so much.

The same goes for hair. Ours are thin and porous, while Asian girls are more dense and tough. They need a lot more silicones to keep their hair looking smooth and shiny. Your curls after such shampoo and balm risk turning into dull icicles …

Horse shampoo

Do you really believe horse shampoo will make a mane out of your hair? Horses and people are completely different. Horses have a different skin type and hair structure. And they need to wash their head 2-3 times less often than a person. The horse's mane is thicker and drier. It cannot be compared to our hair. And the skin is oily and much denser.

Horse shampoo

Therefore, manufacturers add more alkali to horse shampoos so that the product rinses the mane well, as well as a huge amount of tar from parasites. This cocktail can cause dandruff and even seborrhea in humans. And the shampoo will insanely dry out your length. And your hair will look like hay … Use only those shampoos that are made for your hair type and sold in stores.

Together with sausage …

Do you store your cosmetics in the refrigerator and then suffer from the fact that the foundation is applied in some way wrong? Get your poor tubes out of Narnia quickly.

All necessary storage conditions are indicated on the package. And if it says that cream or mascara can be stored at + 25 ° C, then this is true. And because of the constant temperature drop, cosmetics can really deteriorate. This happens most often with BB creams. They just flake off.

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