4 unexpected benefits of coffee for skin and hair beauty
4 unexpected benefits of coffee for skin and hair beauty

Coffee is a magical, irreplaceable drink that we love. Most cannot imagine their existence without a sip of this fragrant elixir of vigor in the early morning.

But the wonders of coffee beans do not end there, because the range of their use is very diverse. In addition, it is a waste-free product. Coffee grounds are widely used in plant fertilization, cosmetology. What is there! With her, you can even look into the future, with special skills. Therefore, do not rush to get rid of the waste of this fragrant product - save it and use it for your benefit.

Excellent body scrub

Coffee leftovers make an excellent body scrub. Coffee grounds do not dissolve in water and perfectly removes dead particles from the skin surface. To get a scrub at home, just add a little warm water and your favorite oil to the cake - coconut oil is fine.

It is advisable to scrub the body no more than three times a week (in everything you need to adhere to reasonable measures - in personal care as well). In case you are in a position, it is better to give up coffee body scrubs during pregnancy.


Helps the drainage of fluids from the body

Another excellent property of coffee is the stimulation of blood flow, and as a result, the rapid outflow of fluids from tissues. And what does this give us? Removal of edema and anti-cellulite effect. And here is the simplest, most effective recipe: we take ground coffee and salt (in equal proportions), mix and add 7 drops of olive oil. Apply with slow movements to problem areas.

Wonderful mask

A coffee mask, like a scrub, also works wonders, namely: it reduces puffiness, removing accumulated fluid, relieves acne, tones, strengthens and tightens the skin, prevents rapid aging due to the abundance of natural antioxidants and acts as a light bronzer.

Let's clarify a couple of details: if you are the owner of oily skin, it is better to use ground coffee, making the mask no more than twice a week, and if the skin is dry, masks with coffee grounds will be preferable once a week.


Use instead of tonic

For those with dark shades of natural hair, you can pamper yourself with toning coffee masks or use coffee grounds as a healthy natural toner. Shine and manageability of the hair is guaranteed!

The composition is very simple: 100 ml of olive oil heated in a water bath, 2 tablespoons of coffee pomace and a couple of drops of orange oil. All this is applied for 30 minutes on damp, clean hair, then wrap it up with a towel or put on a hat. Once a week, the procedure is enough to accelerate hair growth, strengthen the roots and improve their nutrition.

And one more tip: any coffee-based care product is best applied in the late afternoon on slightly steamed skin.

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