Top 7 Hair Care Rules That Will Make It Thick & Silky
Top 7 Hair Care Rules That Will Make It Thick & Silky

Fashion photographer and expert "Top Models in Ukrainian" (New Channel) Sonia Plakidyuk shared her secrets.

Everyone who has seen the project "Top Model in Ukrainian" at least once will remember the luxurious red hair of fashion photographer and expert Sonya Plakidyuk.

Do you want the same healthy and shiny hair? Catch the seven main rules of hair care from Sonya.

All my advice is simple enough and will suit any girl. Regarding brands and shampoos - you can find a cool line in different price categories in any store, you just need to try if it suits you

- says Sonya.

Sonya Plakidyuk

Rule # 1: Always Brush Your Hair Before Washing

Before washing her hair, Sonya always combes her hair. The exception is complex hairstyles with gel / varnish / foam.

Find a cool comb that won't pull out your hair and massage your scalp. Now I have three favorite brushes

- says Plakidyuk.


Rule # 2: never wash your head without air conditioning

If you want your hair to be shiny and easy to comb, buy the entire line of hair care products with the right shampoo. If the line also includes oil for the ends and a mask, take them too.


Rule # 3: use oil on your ends

Whoever says anything, good oil really helps to fight split ends. Sonya, for example, has not had them for six years, and she only cuts her hair when her hair becomes too long.


Rule number 4: do not use a hairdryer and curling irons without thermal protection

And don’t try to curl or straighten wet hair - it’s going to be tempting very quickly!


Rule # 5: watch your diet

If you do not consume enough fats and proteins, do not follow your diet and regimen, you will most likely have to forget about luxurious hair.

I am not a doctor, I will not advise anything, but I can share my personal experience: I eat a lot of healthy fats and drink a course of vitamins

- noted Sonya.

girl eating

Rule # 6: Do a Head Massage

You can laugh, or you can try to pull yourself by the hair while watching your favorite TV series. You will see - the more blood clings to your scalp, the faster vitamins will be absorbed.


Rule # 7: never go to bed with a wet head

And, moreover, do not do it in a towel! Sonya admits that she sometimes sins with this, but in the morning she reaps the fruits of her laziness - the texture of the hair becomes coarse, and the hair becomes dull.

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