10 books on intimacy that have already helped many couples
10 books on intimacy that have already helped many couples

We have collected the best books for those who want to know everything about sex.

Intimacy is an integral part of any person's life. But no less than sex itself, people are also interested in literature about it. Is it possible to free your sexuality from the fears and trauma of the past, how to better understand yourself and your partner? The answers can be found in books on sex and sexuality.

About sex. So how shall we talk? | Hannah Vuitton

The author of the book and British YouTube blogger Hannah Vuitton in her book decided to talk with readers about teasing, but important topics - the first relationship, virginity and sexual experience, the importance of contraception, the negative consequences of watching porn and sexting, the perception of one's own body and sexuality.

The book has become an absolute worldwide bestseller among young people. This guide will provide answers to popular intimate questions that worry all adolescents as they begin an important stage of growing up. The Ukrainian edition contains competent comments from doctors, as well as useful links at the end of the book.

About sex. Since, let's talk

The author encourages readers not to be shy about any intimate questions that arise during growing up. From the book you will learn the answers to popular questions: from toxic relationships, virginity and first sex to tolerance and pleasure in bed.

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Sex: From the neurobiology of libido to virtual porn. Popular science guide. | Elena Foer, Daria Varlamova

Sex is often viewed from either a biological or cultural perspective. Before you is an attempt to combine both approaches and write a guide to human sexuality, telling how various psychological nuances, cultural codes and taboos are layered on top of the powerful natural instincts.

In search of an answer to the question of why the same basic natural mechanisms produce the most bizarre manifestations of sexual activity, the authors consider topics from the neurobiology of libido and the controversy around the G-spot to the reasons for the interest that middle-aged housewives have in gay porn. If you want to know how your sexuality works, then thanks to this book you will receive many answers, you will learn to ask the right questions, and you will certainly begin to better understand both other people and yourself.

Sex: From the neurobiology of libido to virtual porn. Popular science guide

From the book you will learn: what changes occur in the brain during sex; what is the harm to the body from abstinence from sex; how to tell when teens are ready to have sex; how attitudes towards sex will change in the future.

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This is not appropriate. A Victorian Lady's Guide to Sex, Manners, and Marriage | O'Neill T

Have you ever dreamed of traveling back in time and living in an era romanticized by Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and numerous movies? Then this book is for you. You will plunge into a world where arsenic was added to the face cream, the underwear had a cut between the legs, and the process of getting rid of clothes required the help of several people.

After all, looking at portraits of women of the Victorian era, it is easy to imagine what incredible tricks were behind such beauty. In Teresa O'Neill's book “It's indecent. A Victorian Lady's Guide to Sex, Manners and Marriage Wise”reveals all the details of the difficult life of influencers of the late 19th century.

This is not appropriate. A Victorian Lady's Guide to Sex, Manners, and Marriage

This illustrated, ironic, shockingly honest guide will give detailed advice on how to behave on your wedding night; what to wear so as not to look like a whore; how to hide the onset of critical days; what and how to talk with men; how to indulge in self-satisfaction and not die at the same time …

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As the woman desires. The Truth About Sexual Health | Emily Nagoski

It's not just that this book became a New York Times bestseller and the # 1 book on women's sexual health according to Amazon. What does a woman want? To be desired and desired. It would seem that everything is so simple.Then why are there not enough fireworks of passion in your intimate life? Why is it so difficult to understand your own desires, your body and get maximum pleasure? Is there something wrong with you? Emily Nagoski knows the answers to these and other questions. About all the "secrets" and "points" of the female body, about sexual desire, the mechanism of its action and ideal conditions for its awakening.

As the woman desires. The Truth About Sexual Health

On the pages of this book you will find the practice of revealing your own sexual potential, information about the same "ideal conditions", as well as about the connection between the brain and libido. The stories of real women, questions and answers to them, along with the results of research from qualified specialists - you will open that cherished book that will improve your sex life and change the understanding of what it means to be sexy, wanted and healthy.

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Pretense. Why Women Lie About Sex, And The Truth Behind It | Alptraum Suite

Women lie. Orgasms. That they are virgins. How many sexual partners they had. About who got pregnant from. About whether they were raped. The list goes on and on. Maybe it's male paranoia? Or are women trying to please the stronger sex and avoid their anger?

Pretense. Why do women lie about sex, and what is the truth behind it?

Sex educator Lux Alptraum explores this issue to understand why women do it. And if they are lying, then what is the root of the problem: in the fair sex or in the society in which they exist? There are many questions, but the truth is that even if women lie, they do it for a very good reason - to protect themselves in situations where society has given them no other choice. An intelligent bestseller on a provocative topic!

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Sex is for science. Science for sex. | Roach M

Until the middle of the 20th century, sexual psychology and physiology were practically not studied, as if sex were a shameful secret, and not an ordinary biological phenomenon. The state of this science of sex and the behavior of scientists was determined by fear - they were afraid of public opinion, religious intolerance, political pressure, fanaticism and prejudice. Now that the significance of this area is fully appreciated by society, it is difficult to even imagine what the pioneers of laboratory sex had to face. However, even today, few people think about the fact that experts study sex like any other aspect of human physiology.

Sex is for science. Science for sex

Masterly combining scientific enthusiasm, journalistic emancipation, saving humor and unchanging taste, Mary Roach tells how and why this science developed. The book is equally informative and entertaining, it stands out favorably against the background of other purely scientific texts with its wonderful, restrained humor and an unexpected approach to the topic.

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A hidden miracle. The Whole Truth About Female Anatomy | Nina Brochmann, Ellen Stecken Daalu

Worldwide bestseller in 35 languages! For the first time in Ukrainian, the book about the female body, sex life and health, which we all have been waiting for! Without incomprehensible terms, without condemnation, without myths and prejudices, but with humor and great respect for a woman - she will tell the whole truth about the complex and amazing mechanism of female organs. About the vagina, clitoris, uterus and ovaries, about the hormones that control their work, about female orgasm and reproductive function, about hygiene and contraception - this book should be on the shelf of every girl, regardless of her age.

A hidden miracle. The Whole Truth About Female Anatomy

Try not to be horrified by the realization of how many myths and outright manipulations associated with a woman's body and dictated by the desire to maintain outside control over it, are still prevalent in our society. Habitual, therefore so often invisible, but destructive.

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Waltz of Hormones: weight, sleep, sex, beauty and health like clockwork | Natalia Zubareva

Natalia Zubareva is not only a professional doctor specializing in hormonal health, but also a well-known blogger who has over 1 million followers on the Instagram social network. Her work has helped many patients, and she shares her store of knowledge with readers. This book covers the most pressing and exciting topics of women's health: excess weight, poor sleep, irregular cycles, problems with nails, hair and skin, and much more. You will find in this book the necessary and useful information for yourself and discover something new.

Waltz of Hormones: weight, sleep, sex, beauty and health as if by notes

The book is divided into 26 chapters, which contain all the information on the topic of the book: an introductory part about hormones, hormonal disorders, information about tests, thyroid diseases, pills, menstrual cycle and libido, pregnancy, weight, sleep and insomnia, and much more. The main purpose of writing this book is to convey to girls and women important information about their body and health. And Natalia Zubareva tried to do this in the style of a friendly conversation, in an understandable and easy language. The book has already been appreciated by millions of readers, and it continues to be a bestseller, which has no equal among the publications on this subject.

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HE. Intimate conversation about the same organ | Pilarski Przemyslav, Gryzewski Andrzej

The book about “that very organ” is a friendly conversation on burning topics. The authors not only provide important information, but also debunk many myths about sex, help to establish an intimate life. It turns out that every third man in a relationship has no sex. These research data show that in fact, problems with sex affect a huge number of people, but not everyone is ready to talk about it.

HE. Intimate conversation about the same organ

Thanks to this book, men will be able to find answers to many exciting questions about sex, male sexuality, psychosomatics in sexology. The book will be useful not only for the stronger sex, but also for women who want to learn everything about male sexuality.

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Body, food, sex and anxiety: What worries the modern woman. Clinical Psychologist Research | Lapina Yu

Popular clinical psychologist Julia Lapina wrote this book after years of working with people with eating disorders. The author answers the question that worries most women today: "What is wrong with me?" Why have so many complaints about your own and other people's appearance accumulated, why is it so difficult to lose weight, why advice from glossy magazines does not work, why you don't want sex?

Body, food, sex and anxiety: What worries the modern woman. Clinical Psychologist Research

Such thoughts are alarming, they not only bother women, but also affect the quality of life, health, relationships in the family and at work. But in spite of the fact that every woman has - as they say, an individual case, the answer for almost everyone - "You are all right, the problem is not in you."

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