15 psychology books to help you sort out your feelings and emotions
15 psychology books to help you sort out your feelings and emotions

In each new book you can learn something that can turn your whole life upside down.

We have compiled a selection of books for those who want to better understand themselves, learn how our brain works, and get practical tools from the arsenal of psychology for every day.

Popular books on psychology

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families | Stephen Covey

The world's bestselling author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey explores the topic of family relationships and offers practical advice for solving the everyday and extraordinary problems that destroy families and even entire communities.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families | Stephen Covey

With his characteristic straightforwardness and worldly wisdom, which has already won the hearts of millions of readers, Stephen Covey tells how to use his popular concept of seven skills to establish the warmest and intimate relationships in the family, gives advice on solving many problems that arise sooner or later before each of us … The book is intended for a wide range of readers.

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In bed with your husband | Nika Nabokova

Nika Nabokova is a provocative and outspoken, beautiful young woman with a mind that any successful man can envy. Her blog has over 300,000 readers. Nearly 8,000 have asked for help and advice. Tens of thousands of thanks from those who her articles helped to survive in difficult relationships.

In bed with your husband | Nika Nabokova

You will not be told this truth in glossy magazines and popular talk shows. Why and why do people change how to survive in a love triangle? The author of the book "In bed with your husband" knows the answers to these questions. No feminine logic, resignedly and "oh, this is the end." Formulations - perplexing, deep knowledge of the human psyche and relationships, effective and 100% effective methods - Nika will shake your moral principles and lead you out of your comfort zone. Get ready!

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Body language. How to read the thoughts of others by their gestures | Pease A., Pease B

Allan and Barbara Pease's new book is based on their acclaimed bestselling Body Language, which was first published in 1978 and then translated into 48 languages ​​and sold in huge print runs, with more than 20 million copies sold. Unlike the previous version of the book, now this most popular and authoritative textbook in the world "reading the thoughts of others by their gestures" affects absolutely all aspects of the personal life and professional activities of any person.

Body language. How to read the thoughts of others by their gestures

The authors have significantly expanded and supplemented the edition, the book contains many photographs of world celebrities, which in this case are used as a kind of "teaching aids". Not a single gesture was ignored! Facial expressions, postures, manners, gait, look - a complete decoding of all body movements, by which you can easily unravel the real feelings and thoughts of other people - in the new bestseller of world famous psychologists! "Reading any person like a book", choosing the right line of behavior, feeling confident and at ease in any environment, making the most correct decisions - all this is now real and accessible to everyone.

This book will also help you become aware of your own non-verbal signals, teach you how to use them for effective communication. Don't be manipulated.Learn a new, modern version of body language - and you will certainly succeed in everything!

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The rules of a smart wife. You are either right or married | Ellen Fein, Sherri Schneider

Family is work. Do you agree? Marriage is not easy. Would there have been so many divorces if it had been otherwise? Why are some women happily married while others are not? Why are some alliances more successful than others? Why did it all start out so well and then the relationship soured? Because to achieve success in any area you need to make efforts and work every day.

The rules of a smart wife. You are either right or married

This book is a blueprint for success in family life. Ellen Fein and Sherri Schneider have compiled 43 basic rules for a smart wife and 15 additional tips. Finding a husband is not a dusty business, but not everyone is able to keep him. Ready to work hard?

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The power of the subconscious | Joe Dispenza

The power of thought - can it affect reality? How to heal your body from severe injuries and illnesses using this power? Is it possible to "reconfigure" the brain so as not to "go with the flow", but to create your life according to your desires? You can find the right tools and learn how to use them by reading the book The Power of the Subconscious by Joe Dispenza.

The power of the subconscious

The author did not just come to the topic of studying the subconscious. Having received a spinal injury after an accident and refused the operation, he healed himself with the power of thoughts after 9 months. Having engaged in scientific research in this area, he proved that any person has unlimited potential and is able to create both his own healthy body and his life with the power of thought.

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Bye-I-not-I | Dmitry Trotsky

We so often need answers to questions: how to find our purpose in life, how to achieve success, reach our potential, not get sick, find your soul mate. Sometimes we only need a few words to help us begin to change. The book "Until I Am Not Me" by a palmist and psychologist with many years of experience in the practice of Dmitry Trotsky is a guide to transforming destiny. No abstract judgments, only specifics, which are based on the author's study of the relationship between our actions, thoughts, feelings and what happens to us in life.


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Games People Play | Eric Byrne

Before you is one of the cult books on the psychology of human relationships. Eric Berne has developed a system that can free a person from the influence of life scenarios that program his behavior, teach him to play less in relationships with himself and others, to find true freedom and encourage personal growth.

Games People Play

In this book, you will find many useful tips that will help you understand the nature of human communication, the motives of your own and others' actions and the causes of conflicts. According to the author, the fate of each of us is largely determined in early childhood, but in adulthood, you can learn to manage it if you want to. It was with the publication of this international bestseller that a psychological boom began in our country after the fall of the Iron Curtain, when millions of people realized that with the help of psychology, you can understand a lot about yourself and others.

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Do you want to talk about it? Psychotherapist. Her clients. And the truth that we hide from others and ourselves | Laurie Gottlieb

Laurie Gottlieb, a successful psychotherapist, consults and helps many patients cope with a variety of life's ups and downs. But on Wednesdays, she is a patient herself, sobbing in the psychoanalyst's office because her life is going downhill. An incredibly vital, honest and frank story makes you laugh, cry and resent uncontrollably along with the main characters who are trying to change their lives or at least come to terms with it.

Do you want to talk about it? Psychotherapist. Her clients. And the truth that we hide from others and ourselves

Gottlieb proves that no matter how different we are, no one is immune from pain and despair - not the self-confident Hollywood screenwriter, not the cheerful girl with cancer, not even their staunch and sympathetic psychotherapist.

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Act like a woman, think like a man. Why men love but don't marry, and other secrets of the stronger sex | Steve Harvey

Boxer, postman, insurance agent in the past. Comedian, actor and writer in the present. He is anxious about his family, his wife and daughter. It's all about Steve Harvey, whose book "Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man" was recently published in a new edition. For those women who did not expect to receive advice from a man, the book will be a revelation. It is unrealistic to understand the train of thought of the representatives of the stronger sex when they are asked painful questions by their loved ones. Friends' advice will not work here, because the logic of thinking is different. Or they will work, but for a minus. That often happens in life.

Act like a woman, think like a man. Why men love, but do not marry, and other secrets of the stronger sex

Do you want to avoid mistakes, be loved and desired, without losing your confidence and freedom? Listen to Steve Harvey. A real, objective, sometimes harsh, but always true book for women.

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8 important dates. How To Create A Relationship For Life | John Gottman

John Gottman - professor of psychology, world renowned relationship scholar and author of many best-selling books - is convinced that you can't build happy relationships without dating.

8 important dates. How to create a lifelong relationship

Each chapter in this book takes you through one of eight special dating conversations about relationship-relevant topics: trust and finances, conflict resolution and sex, family and development, dreams and adventure. These dates will help you get to know your partner better and even fall in love with him again. No matter where you are in a relationship, this book can help you create a happy relationship for life.

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Happy wife. How to bring intimacy, passion and harmony back into marriage | Laura Doyle

Like millions of women, Laura Doyle's marriage became unbearable over the years: she noticed all the shortcomings of her husband. But trying to get her husband to be more romantic, proactive, and ambitious made the relationship worse. Desperate to restore closeness, she decided to "surrender" - to stop controlling and criticizing her husband, to indicate what to do and how to do it. And then the man with whom she fell in love many years ago returned.

Happy wife. How to bring intimacy, passion and harmony back into marriage

In her cult book, Laura will tell how the technique of the "surrendered" wife will help turn a crisis marriage into a passionate and happy union, return intimacy to a relationship and become the most beloved and desired.

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Karma of Love: Questions About Personal Relationships | Michael Roach

Sometimes it seems absurd to us that Buddhist wisdom and practice can help people who grew up in the Western philosophical tradition to realize their path in life and create trusting partnerships. The answers of the ancients at times may seem unexpected, since they deal with a hidden level of reality - with the level of karma. But it is precisely understanding how we can manage this hidden level that gives us the key to creating harmonious, happy relationships. Our personal relationships are the source of perhaps the greatest happiness in life. And it is with the help of the system of karmic seeds and the practices of the Diamond Cutter that you will be able to build your family happiness, sowing seeds and realizing your potential and the potential of a partner. Together, you can create an ideal world that begins and ends in an ideal relationship - with an understanding of the Karma of Love.

Karma of love: questions about personal relationships

This book contains 100 of the most common questions and 100 detailed, verified from the point of view of ancient Tibetan knowledge, answers. A fascinating manner and lively humor of presentation will help to positively perceive ancient wisdom and learn how to apply this art in practice.

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The charm of femininity | Andeline Helen

More than fifty years have passed since the first edition of "The Charm of Femininity", during which time more than three million copies have been sold. But the success of this book is not in sales, but in the number of lives it has changed.

The charm of femininity

What's the secret to a happy marriage? What makes a woman captivating in the eyes of a man? Why is one woman in marriage happy and loved while another is unhappy and disappointed? Find the answers to these questions in Helen Andelin's classic bestseller, who has helped millions of women around the world strengthen their marriages and become happy. This book offers every woman the opportunity to master the art of winning absolute love and adoration for her man.

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1000 and 1 day without sex. White paper. What did I do while you were having sex | Krasnova Natalia Nikolaevna

This book is about YOU. About girls, girls, women, grandmothers (and even men!) Who write to me every day, whose questions I answer in private messages. All our female and human fears are collected here: fear of being alone, fear of old age, fear of death, fear of never becoming a good mother, fear of never learning how to draw straight arrows.

1000 and 1 day without sex. White paper. What did I do while you were having sex

This book is about how to turn your life from “I suffer so much because they don’t understand me” into life “I don’t really suffer that they don’t understand me”, and later into life “if you don’t understand me - suffer yourself ".

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Secrets of Successful Families | Artem Tolokonin

One of the book's subtitles is: “Don't be afraid to love! Love as endless development. " These words are the answer to all questions of the relationship between a man and a woman in the family. It doesn't matter if you have been together for a year or thirty years. To love each other with mature love teaches us the author of the book, family psychologist Artem Tolokonin. Contrary to any crises, scenarios, myths. The author presents his method of getting rid of family problems, ways to overcome crises and the main components of a happy family life. Do not rush to scatter if suddenly the world of the family collapsed for you. Read "Secrets of Successful Families", and you will find from what stage to restore the lost love.

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