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Ex-VIA Gra Olga Romanovskaya shot an "underwater" clip with acrobatic stunts - Video
Ex-VIA Gra Olga Romanovskaya shot an "underwater" clip with acrobatic stunts - Video

Former soloist of the sexy trio "VIA Gra" Olga Romanovskaya presented a spectacular video for the song "Hold Me Tighter".

Former "VIA Gra" Olga Romanovskaya delighted fans with a new video for the song "Hold Me Tighter". In the premiere video, the wife of an Odessa businessman lit a half-naked macho underwater. During the underwater filming of the video, the singer decided to refuse the help of understudies.

- "Our new work for the song" Hold Me Tighter "is a video-emotion. She is a self-confident girl. He is a charismatic guy who is used to fighting everyone on the spot. By the will of fate, they accidentally find each other in the crowd. that these two carefree people feel at the moment of meeting (the first spark, the first love, the desire to get to know each other better), we tried to convey in our video ", - director Evgeny Timokhin tells about the plot of the video.

The shooting of the new video by Olga Romanovskaya took place in one of the deepest pools in Kiev for several days. According to the director's plan, the singer had to dive for more than 7 hours, performing various acrobatic stunts in order to shoot the scenes under water.


Not many artists decide on such experiments without resorting to the help of understudies, but for Olga it became a matter of principle. The singer admitted that this shooting became one of the most difficult and at the same time memorable moments for her.

- “To properly prepare for work in the water, I had to go swimming for three weeks, and two days before filming began for three to four hours a day, scuba diving, thanks to which I learned to breathe correctly and perform some maneuvers., training did not save me from the temperature, which suddenly rose on the second day of filming, but honestly, until today I hated swimming. Now I really enjoy it! " - Olga Romanovskaya admits.

Watch the new video of the singer Olga Romanovskaya for the song "Hold Me Tighter":

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