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5 films that will continue your winter break
5 films that will continue your winter break

We continue the festive mood!

When you have time to lie in bed and have a tasty snack, do not deny yourself the pleasure of watching a fascinating winter movie. We offer several.


A good old film about romance, friendship and real winter. It is so warm, sincere and heartfelt that despite so many years, and the film was released in 1961, it is still being watched with great pleasure.

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Sincere stories of ordinary Soviet girls and guys who are looking for their happiness.

Magic Silver

The film will appeal to those who love fairy tales. A story about two clans of gnomes that are at war with each other. But suddenly the king of one of the camps needed a rare medicine. His daughter goes in search. This is where the adventure begins.

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Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarfs

An old favorite fairy tale in a slightly new way. The evil queen drives the beautiful Snow White out of the palace and hopes to marry a rich and handsome prince. But Snow White teams up with a gang of gnome robbers living in the forest and prepares a plan for revenge on her evil stepmother.

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A very bright and exciting fairy-tale sight awaits you!

12 months

One of the most beloved movie fairy tales. A story that reminds of the good, magic and joy of the New Year holidays - grabs the soul and returns to childhood.

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A touching and magical story about a girl who was sent by her stepmother for snowdrops in winter on New Year's Eve. There she meets 12 wizard brothers who help her.

star dust

Another fairy tale that I want to revisit. Many say that it is more for adults than for children - there is a lot of magic, humor, and also romance in it.

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A beautiful story about a star girl who fell from heaven to earth and a guy who found her and fell in love with her. They have a lot to go through to save their lives and, of course, love.

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