How to choose the right bedding for a comfortable sleep
How to choose the right bedding for a comfortable sleep

We spend at least 8 hours a day in bed - 1/3 of our life. Sleep means recovery, health, the production of certain hormones, and growth for children.

We will touch on the topics of choosing the right mattress and color combinations. Today, together with the designer-decorator and founder of Family Décor, Svetlana Sabri, we will talk about bed linen: the right fabrics, depending on the season, skin sensitivity and our preferences.


Linen is a wonderful material. A huge plus - the flax plant does not suffer from any diseases and is not treated with chemistry when growing! Linen, as a fabric, is "prickly" by its nature, therefore, in the production of bed linen, there are several options for "cooking" it, it becomes tender, soft and very comfortable.


Linen is a little "cooling" in terms of its qualities, so it is ideal for warm seasons or for hot people.


Cotton is the most common bedding material. Depending on the weaving of threads, it can be of different quality and, accordingly, different names: coarse calico, poplin, satin, percale, cambric, chintz …


Boiled cotton, unlike boiled flax, is great for the colder seasons. Very cozy and warm.


Percale is an ideal material for allergy sufferers. Due to the peculiarity of weaving, it completely lacks hairiness. Percale linen is wear-resistant and durable. Hygiene, environmental friendliness, ease of care are the qualities of this fabric. Plus, it doesn't roll.



Satin, due to the use of twisted thread during weaving, has a gloss and is similar to satin. It is wonderful in the cool season, as it does not allow air to pass through well and in summer it can be hot under it. Its qualities: hypoallergenic, durability, it is soft and velvety, does not wrinkle.

Boiled satin is perfect for warm seasons, for late spring, hot summer and early fall. This material is soft and airy, slightly cooling and looks very similar to silk.


Cotton + linen

Excellent material for bedding. Combines the qualities of the durability of linen and the softness of cotton. Perfect for all seasons.

When choosing bed linen, be sure to pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Eliminate all synthetic additives, even the smallest percentage. High-quality bed linen is, first of all, health.

We wish you the right choice and healthy quality sleep.

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